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How to install metal roofing

How to install metal roofing. If you ask us, is it a good choice, our answer is ‘yes, of course!’ Metal roofing has a number of advantages:

  • complete fire safety,
  • light weight,
  • aesthetic aspect,
  • durability.

Moreover, smooth metal surface does not collect rain water. You can install metal roofing with your own hands, to do this you should be familiar with the following technologies and rent some tools.

How to install metal roofing

Construction of rafters and lathing for metal roofing

Building of truss construction for standing seam roofing is no different from conventional technology. Putting rafters too often does not make much sense, because the roofing material is very light. But lathing must be performed at 7-9 inches using beam of about 2×2 inches or 2×4 inches. This frequency is needed in order to minimize the deformation of the metal roofing during installation or repairs: roofer feet will always be stepping to the places where the metal is batten board so the metal will not bend or deform. If the roofing is flat it is necessary to make a solid lathing. The ridge is made of two boards which converge at one point the two edges. A cornice must be solid and made of 3-4 boards knocked together.

Waterproofing of metal roofing

Waterproofing of metal roofingTo minimize the occurrence and accumulation of condensation on the underside of the roofing material, the roofing must be waterproofed. If the roofing had been insulated before, the lathing is nailed to the rafters, and then to the top of it you should put a special waterproofing membrane that does not let water to leak inside. On top of the waterproofing membrane a counter lathing is stuffed. There will be two air gap: one is between the insulation and waterproofing, and another one is between the waterproofing and roofing metal.

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Fixation of metal roofing

Installation the upper partInstallation of metal patterns begins with the installation of crutches. They are nailed to the eaves with a pitch of about 3 inches. They will hold the metal pattern, so they did not fall during installation. Wooden crutches can be replaced by a steel angle of about 2-2,5 inches which is mounted on the eaves.

Then the first pattern with pre-curved edges is placed near the gable so hat overhang of about 2 inches appears. Then the claimers are mounted on the side where the second metal pattern will be applied. The claimer is attached to the lathing just in the place which will be overlapped with the metal sheet.

Roof ventilationThen the second pattern is placed near the first one so that its folded edge sticks to the folded edge of the first pattern. If the edges of the patters are smooth and not self-locking they have to be located in close proximity between them. On the second edge of the second pattern claimers are also nailed.

Then the third pattern is placed and the whole procedure is repeated, and so on. After all the patterns on both ramps are laid and fastened you should make the ridge which can be ventilated or non-ventilated. At the very end eaves and gutters are attached.

Important! If the house will be used in humid climates or near lakes, rivers or sea, all the connections should be sealed using a sealant for metal roofing.

Installation of snow guards on the metal roofing

Installing of fences and snow guard at the folded roofing is required. Snow stop are necessary for snow not to descend from the roofing like an avalanche, banging on the roof. In addition, there is a probability of injury to a human who is near the house when the weather is snowy.

All the necessary elements of metal roofing

Lightning protection for metal roofing

Due to the fact that metal roofing is conductive and attracts lightning strikes it is necessary for it to be grounded and it has to have lightning protection equip. The fact is that when lightning strikes into a metal roofing it will not only break down all electrical appliances, but it will also glow the roofing itself which can lead to the inevitable fire.

At the highest point of the roofing you should fix the lightning arrester.

How to install metal roofingThe lightning arrester can be:

  • the metal pin;
  • the metal wire stretched along the ridge of the roofing;
  • the special lightning protection mesh.

It is best to use a metal pin with height of about 4-5 feet, section of 4 square inches and diameter of about 4 inched. The pin is mounted vertically and it should be made of corrosion resistant metal such as copper, aluminum, duralumin. Metal can not be covered with any paints.

We hope that these simple tips on how to install a metal roof will help you to get your constructions things done easier. If you think that this kind of work is too hard for you, hire professionals.


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