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How to build gable roof trusses for a pitched roof in a proper way

How to install roof trusses by yourself: installation tips. Information that is dangerous not to know!

How to build roof trussesGable roof structure with trusses is the end part of the roof which is formed by two or more of the roof slopes (gambrel roof). The direct purpose of this part of the roof is to protect the used or the unused attic from wind and other expressions of the environment. Do not forget about the aesthetic qualities of this building element which can decorate any house despite the fact that its roof is made without any frills. If you are wondering how to build roof trusses with your own hands, here is some useful information for you.

The roofing in particular is considered as the design that may be performed in a different form that is directly dependent on the structural features of the roof. Typically, the gable roof is laid after the roof itself has been already built, but in some designs of residential buildings such building element is erected directly during the construction of the walls of the house. To seal the gable you can use wood, steel, plastic or brick if the walls of the house are made of construction material.

Features and specifications of the gable roof trusses

It should be noted that the construction of the gables with your own hands is a pretty important point of all the construction work of the private type. In general, there is virtually no difference when exactly the gables are laid. In case when the roof construction is performed first, the trim design has to be done after all the work with a roof is over.

Truss roof constructionThis process has some disadvantages dealing with a rather cramped working conditions. Do not think that the front of the house which was built during the construction of the walls is indeed the most reliable and durable part of the building, because there is always a high risk of collapse of the element due to bad weather conditions or hurricanes.

Do not forget about miscalculations related to the geometric proportions of the roof. Typically, such a nuisance concerns individual elements of the structure that can’t coexist together with the particular type of the gable. When you deal with the wooden structure, it doesn’t really matter, but when the building is made of brick and the main support are on the roof elements, the builder will have to work hard. The mistake made during the measure and calculations stage can cause misalignment or displacement of the entire gable system, so the efficiency of the structure will be irregular and short-lived.

Any types of the gable roof structures that are built right up to the construction of the roof require additional insurance and strengthening. Otherwise, you may face the problem of collapse. Typically, this happens in cases where the roof has at least three trusses gables and is quite complex. In other words, without reinforcement such structures can’t provide the necessary reliability.

How to make roof trusses

Building gables assumes the certain height which is dictated by the frame of roof trusses and the characteristics of the attic. First you should find out how to cut roof trusses angles at a certain height. Typically, the height of such a construction does not exceed 7 feet, but if you plan the organization of the residential attic in your house, the height can reach up to 15 feet. No wonder that such large dimensions mean maximum quality of the construction elements.

How to make roof trussesThe very special attention should be paid to the design of the entire house when you deal with brick gables on the four sides. In this regard, the special attention should be also paid to the construction materials the load-bearing walls of the house made of.

The peculiarity of building gables with your own hands is in the fact that the walls of the house and its foundation are the subject of the additional stress on the brick gables. In other words, the support need to be considered in a right way before you start the construction of the buildings with your own hands.

The elements themselves are not subjected to power loads produced by different wind powers. The exception can be with those designs which relies on the gable of the supporting structure of the roof system. In such cases, the construction process requires the very careful attention which few people want to do! The brick gables should be strengthened in a correct way that can be achieved with the help of the reinforcing mesh.

The roofing type with the loft that will be used as the living space, needs windows or doors in the gables. Such features should not be on that side of buildings which is constantly deal with gusty winds. Above each gable the ebb and the overhang should be located, which will help to protect the design of the gable from snow and rain. The tide must not end on the gable and the eaves of the roof should be performed so that the bulk of the precipitation doesn’t reach the gable design.

How to attach roof trusses to wall

  1. First of all you should set a wooden rail on the end wall. The height of the slats should be equal to the height of the future ridge beam.
  2. Then you should stretch the cord from the establishment of rail to all corners of the wall structure of the building. This will make a smooth appearance of the triangle on which the gable structure will be built.
  3. Masonry design must be carried out exactly according to the stretched cord fitting with each brick which concerns the visual line of the slope of the building element.

Finishing and decoration design

Boarding of the gable with your own hands can be performed using different types of building materials which not only protect the attic from the weather, but also to give the house a very attractive look. Construction of the gable with your own hands has the start and the finishing stages. As a rule, the starting phase of the construction is the skinning of the gable with the building material you like most. Finishing stage involves the finishing of the inside of the construction and installation of the tide which is needed to make an attic the living space.

Installation of roof trussYou can simply sew up the gable to the eaves with cut boards, that will not only let you to save on construction, but also will be a good basis for the front gable trim. To do this you must first make a frame for plating which can later become the basis for fixing of the reflux. The frame is best to be made of metal and wood, because it will greatly simplify the installation of cut boards. Before making the frame itself, you must determine the location of the windows (for residential attics only). Once the frame is ready, it can be sewn up with cut boards.

Do not forget that gables need insulation. For this purpose, the inner part of the structure is fixed with insulation. The mineral wool is most commonly used for this purpose. Only after the performing of the insulation and the vapor barrier you can begin to design the interior decoration of the gable.

We hope this article helped you to find an answer to the question how to build gable roof trusses with your own hands without a crane in a proper way.

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  1. I noticed the other day that a church nearby where I live was having a new building built beside it. Well the other day it rained pretty hard, and the roof trusses fell inside. The trusses were built off-site of construction building. What would have happened to make it collapse.

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