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The easiest way of building a horizontal fence with their hands

If you are an owner of a country house or a house in suburban area, especially if it is a newly acquired mansion, you are probably facing with the question of building a fence. There are many solutions to this problem such as fences made of profiled sheet, brick, metal, etc. Today we will focus on how to build a horizontal fence made of wood with your own hands.

How to build a horizontal fence, pictureWhy a wood fence? Firstly, that kind of fence becomes “the face” of the host, secondly, it carries not only the protective function, but also may be the decoration of your site. In case of creative approach to the manufacturing process it is possible to achieve some quite interesting results. A person who wants to build a horizontal fence with his own hands must not have any special skills in the field of construction or carpentry. The main thing is to know some very simple methods of attaching wood boards to supportive elements.

Let’s look closer at this simple and elegant solution – building a wood fence with horizontal boards with your own hands. It is easy to build, rather cheap, easy to use, requires minimal costs for regular repairing and updates, also it looks very attractive.

So, we proceed.

We recommend choosing wood boards of about 1 inch thick and 6-7 feet long. However, the you can choose the length of boards you like.

A diagram of the horizontal fence

Preparing pegs

Prepare some wooden pegs of about 2 feet, each of them pointed. Then, according to the plan of your site, drive them around the perimeter at a distance of about 7 feet from each other. Connect stakes with a twine. Pull it to the stakes carefully.


Height decision

Completed construction fencesMake a decision about the height. It should neither very high nor too low, but remember that the main rule for you is not to represent your private life on public display. Typically the height of the wood fences varies from 5 to 7 feet. Cut boards of required length, treat them with a grinding-machine (you can use an ordinary electric drill with a grinding-nozzle). If you want to make a semi-circular or triangular profile, plane boards in a required way fixing them on the bench.

Placing holes

Now remove the pegs one by one and place the remaining holes (of about 1,5 feet deep) for supports of your fence. You can use an electric drill or a hand drill.
Digging and cementing.

Now you need to dig prefab foothold in the ground. These may be sections of about 1,5 feet*2 feet. Beam a set vertically using a plumb line, pour the ground well and tamp it firmly. The perfect way for them is to be cemented or concreted. Please, pay close attention to the strength of posts.

Stretching a rope for aligning

The mounting boardsOn top of each post hammer a nail and pull all the boards of your fence with a tightly stretched rope around its perimeter. This must be done in order to align a fence’s height.

Connecting boards

Now connect your boards and posts using screws or nails. The size of nails or screws should conform to the thickness of boards in order them not to go through it and appear on the other side of your fence.

Finishing your fence

Apply an antiseptic agent on your fence and paint it whatever you like.

So, now your horizontal wood fence is ready! Congratulations! It will serve you well!

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