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The easiest way of building a privacy fence for your country house with your own hands

There are many ways to protect your private area territory from strangers and intruders. A man has the right for personal comfort and some privacy on his own territory, in the garden or in the country house. That is why you need to take care of having a wall which can reliably protect you from intruders and the prying eyes of neighbors. This becomes especially important in case if your garden overlooks the road with heavy traffic or the neighbor’s yard. Moreover, to steal anything from the fenced area is much more difficult.

The construction of the fence of edged BoardSo, the first thing that comes to mind of the house owner is the question of privacy – to build a privacy fence. Indeed, fences reliably protect a private site from intrusion. In addition, a wood fence looks very nice due to the natural beauty of the material. It can be of a needed high, but it is important to remember that wood fences require regular care. They periodically need painting, special impregnation and so on. The simplest option – privacy version of a ranch-style fence.

A ranch-style fence made of unedged boards looks pretty good. Wood slats are nailed to the supporting pillars.

Such kind of fencing is easy to install with your own hands without spending a lot of time and too much effort. The design looks like uprights which are attached to the unbroken row of horizontal boards.

It is really easy to construct a ranch-style fence using different materials. At the market you can buy not only the rails, but even the ready panels which needed to be collected only. Nevertheless, most gardeners prefer to build this kind of fence with their own hands using only natural materials. Timber is in high demand as far as fences with natural look are much more attractive, especially in the countryside where there is a deep contact with nature.

Benefits of the ranch-style fence

  • How to dig the posts?The wood is environmentally friendly, it is not dangerous for your health and the environment.
  • This fencing has good durability and reliability. A fence made of timber will serve you many years and will be adorning your garden with its decorative design.
  • Simplicity, the possibility of replacing the damaged planks or boards.
  • It will also help you to save your money.
  • Strong winds will not bring a ranch-style fence down because its construction usually does not receive any serious resistance.
  • Your own choice of design.

Fastening of beamsTo install a ranch-style fence with your own hands you will need:

  • unedged boards of about 1 inch thick;
  • beech dowels, which will provide additional strength;
  • screws, nails;
  • antiseptic for timber.

Before the installation itself you need to do some previous work

  • Woodworking. To prevent your fence from decay it is necessary to cover the boards with a special protective agent. Especially those pillars which are dug into the ground. They can also be protected by firing – just twist the wormed part in the flames.
  • Marking the site on which you will install the fence.
  • Drive corner posts into the ground and pull them between the rope that will serve as a reference for determining the height of the needed barrier.
  • Make deepenings for the posts.

Installation of a ranch-style fence

  1. Dug the supporting pillars into the ground, note that the distance between them should not exceed 7 feet. The horizontal elements should be designed strictly on the line, inch by inch.
  2. Pour the concrete to the deepenings. Wait until the concrete dries completely dry, cover the cement with the ground.
  3. Screw the unedged boards.
  4. Cover your ranch-style fence with paint.

The mounting boards

Your fence is ready! Congratulations!

How can you decorate your ranch-style fence?

There are many ideas for decorating you fence and most of them do not require much money.

Here are some ideas:

  • Fence climbers. It is the most common and one of the most beautiful ways of fencing decoration. It is perfect for wooden fences.
  • Flowers in pots. The entire length of the fence can be decorated with the bright flower pots, they revive the appearance of monotonous structures. If someone in the family weave things of willow twigs they can be hidden in handmade pots.
  • A bit of humor will be added: you can put a funny bright plate onto your fence, saying ‘Human shots, dog bites!’ or ‘Now it’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ (and all your neighbors know that you never put the last one off your fence, of course).
  • Drawings. If there is an artist in the family, the question of decoration is solved. Shred inspiration and imagination – that is all you need for even the most boring fence in the world to become a work of art. If a talent is not found in your family, you can address professionals. You have to spend some money in this case, but your fence will be in good hands and at the end you will have a very unique thing.
  • On the inner side of your fence you can build a showroom for crafts and handmade items of your household.
  • Romantic persons can decorate their fences with small lights.
  • Hang the jars with candles inside on your fence.
  • For rather good place saving the fence can include shelves and you can keep the garden utensils or even small containers for seedlings on them.


Another way to fence a site. The construction of the picket fence on the slope and level ground.

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