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How to build a gate with you own hands?

Gates are the hallmark of any home. The very first thing your guests will see is the gate, so it is important to know how to build a gate for your fence.

Gates are the hallmark of any home. The very first thing your guests will see is the gate, so it is important to know how to build a gate for your fence.

Gate characteristics

Produce the frame for the gateWhy is it so important to choose the best suited gate for your fence type? This is the most important stage, as this will depend on:

  • comfort of use;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • the costs of production;
  • the costs of maintaining in working condition.

Gates should meet certain requirements:

  • provide a certain level of security;
  • be effectively opened to ensure easy passage or movement of dimensional objects;
  • have separate locking elements;
  • comply with the overall style of home and the whole area;
  • look aesthetically pleasing.

Materials of gate construction

For all the construction of cottages, country houses, town houses you necessarily need to know how to build a gate. Today, thanks to the development of modern construction technologies gates can be made of different materials. There are the following types of this construction:

  1. Wooden gates. Gate out of wood is a perfect solution if you want to save money and make a construction with your own hands. A lightweight timber construction reduces the load on bearing pillars, which means it may be less bulky.
  2. Wrought iron gates. It is a great option for people who can afford to spend a considerable amount of money on the gate for a garden or country cottage. Despite the apparent ease and elegance, wrought-iron gates have very high strength.
  3. Profiled sheeting gates. This option can be called a good compromise between the above-described embodiments. The only thing they are inferior is their attractiveness.

Whatever material a fence is made, its basic element is always a gate. In most cases, it is made of the same material as the fence itself.

Types of gates

Depending on the construction type there are the following gate types:

  • Lifting;
  • Sliding;
  • Swinging.

How to build a gateThe most common design is the gate of swing-type. They consist of a gate frame, which is created by using the welding machine from a metal tube, and then on its top corrugated steel sheets are placed. In the second case, the most impressive is the gate with decorated forged elements. Swinging gates can also have paneling wooden or combined materials details.

Remember that heavy paneling increases the load on hinges and supports that affect the duration of the whole construction functioning.

What gate should you build?

Many experts believe that the standard-type of a swing wooden gate is not quite a good choice for some climatic zone (although, the high-quality processing of wooden elements and correctly installation will help it to serve for many years), and recommend to set sliding type gates.

This is a sheet with positioned thereon blocks of 1-2- sliders, where the guide line passes through. It moves on the slide rollers, whereby the structure can move. The installation of these gates is performed on the foundation.

A sliding gate is mounted inside the plot. They do not need special care. They can be equipped with automatics, and then you do not need to leave a car to open the gate and enter the plot area. You can install sliding doors with your own hands, but to avoid later problems in their working process it is better to contact special firms that manufacture and install such structures.

How to make your own gate? The compete instructions

Let’s define how to correctly make swinging gates at the cottage fence. It is more convenient to build these structures with some extra help.

  1. Gate poles installation. To avoid the use of crane equipment, use as a support polHow to build a gate framee for your construction the whole logs or channel girders. Under poles you need to dig a pit, the depth of which is equal to one-third of the column, placed above the ground. The sashes sheet should be at 20 inches below the height of the aboveground part of columns. If the poles are wooden, the hole for them should be a little wider than supports themselves. In the pit pour a small amount of gravel, tamp it, and then pour a small amount of bitumen. Next you need to install the pole in a hole, fill gravel, compacted it. Wooden poles need to settle for about 2 days. Supports of channel also put in a pit with dimensions of 3,3×3,3 feet, which make a pre-gravel cushion (can be made of gravel or broken bricks), and pour the concrete solution inside. Concrete may freeze for a month. During this period it is necessary to control the vertical column. Treat wooden poles with antiseptic impregnation, lower part of pillars anneal on the fire, wrap them in a roofing material, and warm up on a soldering lamp. It will greatly increase the service life of the assembly.
  2. Frame installation. First, you need to place the box frame in accordance with parameters of a future construction. A frame should be made of wood or steel profiled tubes. Depending on the material use a welding machine or nails with a hammer. Often a wicket is built in a gate. In this case, during the assembly process make a longitudinal crosspiece in one of the sashes instead of transverse one, placing it in 2,6 feet from the edge and parallel to the long side. In its upper part connect it to the long side using another crosspiece in 5,9 feet from the sashes bottom. When creating this design the gate hinges are fixed to the edge of the sashes top and bottom.
  3. Fixing of profiled sheeting. Profiled sheeting is immediately fixed to the frame. Gates with each sheet of 6,5 feet will need 4 metal sheet. Fix steel sheet with screws of hexagon heads. Fasteners can be chosen according to the appropriate color. Hinges are poorly held on the gate corrugated sheet, so fasten them to the frame using bolts or weld it during its assembly.
  4. The gate of corrugated BoardSashes installing. First, in the gateways put 2-3 pieces of timber, depending on the distance, which will be sashes off the ground. Each gate wing weighs about 110 pounds. Therefore, for their installation you can use the auto winch (if you are installing the construction by yourself). The first sheet is put on a prop, and ends of hinges are secured on the support. Hinges are welded well to a channel, but for their reliability fix them even with a bolt, which has to go through two shelves of channel. If the poles are wooden, it is necessary to pre-drill the through holes for bolts and place 1-2 oversized washers under nuts. Then the prop is taken out and a sash is checked in the working process.

As you can see, the installation of the gate for your fence is a laborious, but simple enough process, which does not require specific skills.

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