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All information about “do I need a permit to build a fence”

Are you actively planning to construct an enclosure? There you may find all the information about your question “do I need a permit to build a fence?”

Do i need a permit to build a fenceDo you think about a fence construction on your home territory? A lot of cities in USA force homeowners to apply for a building resolution. This authorization helps to make sure that your enclosure design will be built to code, its size and materials are chosen according to the local government. Permits are actually important way to ensure that these constructions are really safe for people around and they adhere to existing rules and practices. So, do I need a permit to build a fence? Let’s understand all nuances and different important facts.

Is it necessary to have a construction permit?

The project of the fenceAs a rule, the addition public structures, such as fences need an authorization in any cases, but in fact it depends on areas, zoning and regulatory rules of places, where you are planning to make this construction. Usually all cities establish particular codes and rules and knowing them you may understand exactly which one structure kind needs a resolution in your area. Many agencies also ask this file for fence repairing or replacing the existing one. Particular rules may vary differently depending on:

  • where you occupy;
  • what kind of community your house is;
  • what fence design you prefer to construct;
  • if you prefer to add any special design features.

If you have the residence in countryside, you may easily add a barbed wire fence compared with the same enclosure in the city. Also, if you occupy the common fencing vicinity area, you will need neighbors permitting.

Under the law of all the states there is a limit of the artificial barriers height in residential areas (4 feet) and backyards (6 feet). When you have finished the appropriate structure design, or are aware of all changes you prefer make to a fence, your may apply to be filed. If an enclosure is a single unit with neighbors, you could be asked to obtain their written permission. The permitting department will give you full information which you need to obtain a construction document.

Can I submit a permit by myself?

Do i need a building permit for a fenceOnes more, this answer depends on a place which you occupy and what enclosure features local government asks. Some offices require a computer-aided design of fence drawings (or professionally made pictures) with specific dimensions, measurements, and all the chosen materials of future construction. Other offices do not ask for an enclosure drawing. Today many professionals offer to create a design drawing. Hiring a professional to make this special work allows saving time and money, because they just are always aware of all the details for filing. So you have to check the local department and get the needed information if you can really apply for the fence resolution without any help of professionals.

How can I apply for a resolution?

Before start this process, get all the information at the government office in your city regarding what you have to ensure for the filing permission of the future structure. You can easily save a lot of time just making a web search, or a simple phone call. At the beginning it will give quite enough information. If you have got all the necessary information about an enclosure, all designs, materials indicated for filling up a form with at the resolution office, you may start this process. In most cases such applications are available on the Internet. Just choose the easiest way.

How long may it take to recieve an approval?

In most situations it really depends on the government office of your city and what is the designed plan of a structure. Let’s examine an example: in Seattle if the designing construction needs to get an enclosure permit, this document may be granted on the same day over the counter. In addition, they also require a few drawing sets, including the plot plan, area section, drawings in details and notes about building. Some of resolutions may take even more than a week to be reviewed. Make this process in advance.

What is the permission cost?

Office fees for permitting are different from state to state, depending on the structure sizes and scales. Usually prices can vary near 20-30 dollars, but in some cases they can be even much larger than this. To examine information about other pricing factors, apply for a local office.

What may happen if I do want not apply for permission?

Building a fenceIf your local government office asks a resolution for all new fences or enclosure reconstruction, and you decide not to file for this document, there may be a risk to get an order of work stopping. This fact says that you must stop all the building and preparing works until you file for relevant documents. And still additional charges can be given as well.

Planning a new enclosure construction idea or existing fence renovation, you are not aware “do I need a permit to build a fence”? It all depends on you and there is nothing extra complicated. Just arrange some research before purchasing all required materials or ask for a help of fencing professionals to do their research for you. 

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