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Designing your household: types of fences

Solid wooden fenceWe may consider a fence as something very simple and usual and we never think about so many advantages that it can give us for our comfort.
Here is the list of them:

  • it’s the easiest way to border the private area;
  • it protects us from wind and dust which is especially necessary for households located in open areas or near highways;
  • it protects us from invasion of parasitizing animals and strange persons;
  • it brings us a sense of psychological comfort because few of us like too much of the attention of the neighbors;
  • it serves an aesthetic function, it’s the way for the owner to express himself, to present his personal tastes.

Centuries ago all the fences were made of wood so there weren’t many fence types. Nowadays we can choose the one according to our personal needs and tastes. Modern fences often become a part of the landscape design keeping particular houses in harmony with an architectural ensemble of the whole area.

Let’s view the most common types of fences.

Wooden fences

Wood speciesWood is the most traditional material for it. Wooden fences are still very popular among the owners of private houses, estates and summer cottages. There are many reasons for it:

  • you can buy wood materials everywhere in our country;
  • it’s is relatively cheap;
  • wood provides a great variety of options – from the most primitive variants to the most intricate ones – the carved, with various decorative elements included;
  • it’s a very ecological material;
  • this material is easily delivered;
  • wood provides the very wide range of colors that can be applied for painting;
  • “natural-looking” wood fences have many various impregnation or stain to be done on them;
  • if you get tired of the color of your wooden fence, it is absolutely not difficult to repaint it again.

The disadvantages of wooden fences:

  • their relative short-living;
  • they need frequent repairs.

Brick fences

Fence with brick pillarsMaybe it’s the most privileged type of fence. Brick walls always look good. They present respectability of an owner of a house.
The main advantages of brick fences:

  • a very large choice of decorative bricks at markets allows to diversify this type;
  • bricks are often combined with elements of forging that gives a fence some originality;
  • Fully brick fencein addition to the visual appeal a brick wall creates the illusion of being on your own, alone in your own fortress, they separate your house from the others.

The main disadvantages of brick fences:

  • the expensiveness of this material;
  • the installation will require pouring the foundation, so you deal with the complete long-termed construction routine.

Metal fences

Metal fenceFences made of metal perhaps win among all of their competitors nowadays. This is very reasonable because the advantages of this material are obvious:

  • cheapness of the whole process: a relatively small amount of money will provide you the fence which is not afraid of the weather or other harmful effects of the environment;
  • you almost don’t have to care about it;
  • the variety of colors of the material.

The disadvantages of wooden fences:

  • some corrosion problems;
  • they are not so good-looking for the aesthetes.

The so-called “eurofences”

EurofencesAmong the youngest types of fence, they are becoming more and more popular nowadays, because they really provide many benefits for buyers coming from the middle-class:

  • “eurofences” have really high strength and reliability because their main elements, columns and mortgages, are made of concrete by vibropressing: we all know that concrete is one of the most durable materials, perhaps it’s one of those materials in the world which are the most resistant to a variety of external factors;
  • “eurofences” serve their most important function – security – in a brilliant way.

The main disadvantages of “eurofences”:

  • “eurofences” are a bit bulky;
  • their ventilating function is low:
  • about a week of installation.

Plastic fences

Perhaps the youngest fence type. Plastic fencing is rather smart and practical choice. With a variety of benefits of this type of fence it’s becoming very popular in the US market.

Design of plasticThe main advantages of plastic fences:

  • any design you like, ever;
  • plastic is very unpretentious to weather conditions or frequent temperature changes, so plastic fences will serve you for decades;
  • minimal cosmetic repairs, no regular seasonal painting;
  • drawings on the panels can be of different textures (for example, you can make a plastic fence look like a real wood!);
  • plastic fences are (or should be!) made of 100% environmentally friendly plastic that doesn’t emit any noxious or toxic substances.

Choosing between the types of fencing you should first decide what are the most important things about it for you.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    Thanks for listing the different types of fences. I’m planning to put up a fence around my home for protection against burglars since a neighbor mentioned that it is frequent in the community. Because of that, I’m thinking of installing brick fences. Aside from it creates a visual appeal, it also offers some originality that cannot be compared to other types. Hopefully, I can find a contractor that is willing to start next week.

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