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How to build a dog house cozy and comfortable in any weather?

Today you will learn how to build a dog house that will be cozy and comfortable in any weather.

We look in the details of how to build a dog house from the preparation of the whole working process to the roof installation.

Dimensions of construction and its location

How to build a dog houseFirstly, select the location, where a doghouse will be located. This kind of security post location should comply with certain rules:

  • during the installation of your construction, consider the wind direction, as it should not be blown;
  • the place should be well lit, but located next to the shaded area, where your pet will have a rest from the heat;
  • avoid water that may accumulate under the house, set the kennel on a hill in a dry place;
  • it should be close enough to the house front door, optimally on the south side;
  • it should have clearly visible area of a gate and a huge part of the plot.

The last point is based on the fact that the dog by its nature requires maximum viewing space, allowing it to detect danger and protect an area.

Whatever the shape of the construction is, its size must be designed optimally for the pet. Therefore, a basis for calculating is the dog size with allowances.

For the construction traditionally these dimensioned are used:

  1. Small dog house (like a dachshund) – 28 inches in length, 22 inches in width, 24 inches in height;
  2. Medium dog house (husky, German shepherd dog) – 47 inches length, 30 inches width, 32 inches height;
  3. Large dog house (Caucasian shepherd dog) – 55 inches in length, 39 inches in width, 37 inches height.

Since the dog size even within the same species may easily vary, the size of a kennel may be customized. To determine it, use such a method while making the calculation. To determine the manhole, use the width of a dog chest and add to the resulting number 2-3 inches. The manhole height should be in 2 inches below the pet at the withers and the height of the whole house – in 2 inches above. This house should have the same depth as the height.

Dog house dimension diagram

Planning of the construction

So, to determine the size, additional terms and conditions of the house installation, proceed to the exact image on the paper. Take into account such additions for making a good kennel and convenient protective structure:

  1. A pet should have enough room for standing up, turning around or to lie down, stretching out. The same applies to the entrance manhole. Do not forget to add a few inches, especially if your pet is still a puppy and will continue to grow up.
  2. Use for the construction natural, ecological materials. The optimal solution is wood that is cheap, simple, available, and is not harmful to the health for your pet.
  3. If you live in a cold enough climate, make sure that your pet does not feel cold in winter. Find out how to build an insulated dog house and apply additional measures, where it is possible. This box may have two rooms. Its width will increase in about 2 times, and the manhole in the first room or vestibule should be from the yard, and the hole in the second room will be made in the inner wall near the back surface.
  4. You may also build a doghouse inside an aviary. This option is well suited for large dogs who are not accustomed to spend their time on the chain. Thus, the pet will not lose the free movement and the safety, and the construction will be provided with more heat. If you live in the southern, warmer regions, it is better to create the house of a bigger size: the dog will need more coolness than warm.
  5. Decide what you want for the roof. On the monopitch roof your dog can rest comfortably, and under the gable roof it is possible to equip a small loft for pet toys.

Taking into account all the nuances, make a detailed drawing of your building. It will help you also to calculate the amount of necessary materials.

The scheme design doghouse

Materials you will need

Before you create a kennel, arm with all the necessary tools and prepare materials.

So, in addition to the finished drawing, you need:Ready comfortable dog house

  • Pencil;
  • Saw;
  • shovel;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • hacksaw;
  • drying oil;
  • antiseptic for wood treatment;
  • paint.

The optimal material choice for this construction can be wood, mainly conifers. This wood type is highly breathable, keeps heat, easy to process and durable in use. Use the same battens – floorboards, plywood sheets, bars, decorative slats and nooks for decoration.

If you need to build an insulated doghouse, take care of the same and its waterproofing and ventilation. For all this, you will need:

  • roofing material;
  • polyethylene;
  • mineral wool (can be replaced by plastic foam);
  • sand;
  • glassine;
  • tarpaulin..

How to erect a kennel for dogs

Now we have everything you need and we will describe step by step how to build a doghouse.

  1. Building the bottom and frame. How to build a doghouse out of pallets? Use the bars or pallets and assemble a frame to create bottoms, nail floor boards maximally tightly to each other, so not to form cracks. If your pet is large and heavy, additionally strengthen the floor with the same pallets to free the floor from sagging. At the bottom in the corners fix bars in an upright position. This will be the basis for the walls. Our design is similar to the table upside down. Now, set perpendicular to the bottom of pallets between the main bars. They will serve as a support for the roof, walls and strengthening designation manhole.
  2. Walls installation. To sheathe the house outside, use battens which do not settle out over time, in contrast to the plywood. Attach it by galvanized nails with small heads.
  3. Frame doghouseWhen the walls are ready, start to create the ceiling. If you plan to place a kennel in a cage or aviary under a cover, it will need a sufficiently thin ceiling, which will serve also as the roof. If the kennel will stand in an open space, the ceiling and roof must be made separately and additionally insulated. For the ceiling, take a sheet of plywood and bars. Fix at the top a layer of mineral wool or plastic foam, place glassine paper, and cover with a second sheet of plywood. If you do not plan to place an additional roof, you can simply close the roof with roofing material and lay shingles.
  4. Roof gable creating. Take 40 bars for the perimeter, attach inside glassine and sheathe by battens outside.
  5. The last step – the manhole for entry. It needs to be closed from the wind by canvas curtain, and that will not be wrapped and opened all the time, hang some loads on it from the inside, for example, plastic bags filled with sand.

To give it a finished beautiful view, cover it with varnish or paint outside.

Insulation process

The question of the insulation and waterproofing process is worth special consideration of how to build a doghouse.

  1. First of all, remember that you cannot place this construction directly on the ground, or the floor will quickly begin to rot. Set on the ground joists – planks, logs or bricks that are finished and lift a house. This will be the first step towards the construction waterproofing.
  2. How to build a doghouseTurn the design to place the bottom up. Treat it well outside with antiseptic, cover with roofing material and nail bars on top, pre-impregnated with an antiseptic. Turn the structure to its original position, cover the bottom with glassine, put a layer of insulation (mineral wool or foam), again lay glassine and fix the finishing floor.
  3. The walls are insulated in exactly analogical way and trim with battens on the inside. Thus you will provide design with the thermos effect, keeping the heat inside.
  4. Remember that if you make a doghouse made of thick beams, the wall insulation is not necessary, but the roof and floor will need to be still warmed.
  5. If you cannot put a house on the platform, or the area has high humidity, provide additional waterproofing: put polyethylene between the surface and a layer of insulation that while equipping the floor, ceiling, and walls. All these methods will help you protecting it from moisture, drafts, moisture, and therefore, your pet will feel comfortable and cozy.

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