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How to paint a window frame on your own

Basic recommendations on how to paint a window frame in your house. Preparation for work. Technology of coating wooden, metal, PVC window frames.

How to paint window framesTo give the window frame harmonious look in new design of the room, or if you just want to refresh the tarnished window, it is not necessarily to replace it with a new one. Learn how to paint a window frame, and you will be able to give the room refined and fresh look having spent a minimum of money and effort.

To make a new coating that will last as long as possible and well protect the window frame, it is important to use paint intended for trimming a certain material.

Painting of wooden window frames

To avoid the tedious procedure of window cleaning after painting, get a special paper and an adhesive tape and cover the glass.

  1. Prepare the frame surface. Remove all the cracked and loose paint.
  2. Carefully seal the cracks and grind the surface with sandpaper. Use special putty for the wood to seal the small cracks which are difficult to fill with paint. Then grind the entire surface of the window frame.
  3. Cover the wooden surface with the primer. It is a prerequisite in case you’ve removed the paint to the very wood or if the window hasn’t been painted before.
  4. Dilute one part of paint with the solvent and then pour the rest of paint into the compound, bringing it to the desired state.
  5. Apply the paint in several layers. First it is better to apply a thin layer and let it dry. After applying the first layer all the flaws become visible. Eliminate these shortcomings (see paragraphs 1 and 2). Apply the second layer. If necessary, after the second layer dries, apply the third one.

Covering aluminum window frames with paint

Removing old paint from window framesFor painting aluminum windows, use special paints designed for the treatment of metal surfaces. They have high adhesive ability and anticorrosion properties, so the metal frame of aluminum windows will last longer.

Preparatory stage

  1. Remove the old cracked paint from the surface of the frame. For grinding you may use 500 grit sandpaper not to scratch the aluminum profile much.
  2. Glass is washed with a detergent for washing windows and degreased with acetone and then pasted over with a masking tape.
  3. Cut out the polythene sheets of the glass size and fix them on each window sash with the masking tape.

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The main stage

  1. Move on to priming the aluminum window frames. Thoroughly stir the primer, pour it into the spray bottle and gently apply the solution on the window. Always use a respirator.
  2. After the primer dries, apply the paint in the same way. Paint for metal surfaces dries out pretty quickly. At the final step carefully remove the protective film from glass and surrounding furniture.

How to paint a window frame made of metal profile

How to paint wooden window framesThe best way to deal with rust is prevention! Painting of metal window frames is one of the simplest and most accessible preventive measures.

The work is recommended to perform at a temperature not lower than 41°F, and the temperature of metal should not exceed 95°F. The paint is applied on a dry surface! Previously painted base is thoroughly cleaned of the old coating. Rust on the outside can be removed by means of scrapers and brushes.

Cavities and irregularities are embedded with alkyd putty. The treated portions are dried and polished and then thoroughly washed with water and dried. Exterior unpainted surfaces are degreased and cleaned from dirt with a special detergent. The bottoms inside the premises are processed with the soda solution.

Before painting the surface should be primed. When using a brush there is no need to dilute the primer. But if it is supposed to use the sputtering method, the compound is diluted with solvent by 5% of the volume.

The drying time of the treated surface is about 2 hours. The next layer can be applied in a day. Then move to the application of paint.

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Painting of the PVC window frames

Immediately before painting vinyl window frames must be cleaned from dust and remnants of plastic chips and shavings by compressed air. Profile parts which are not supposed to be painted are protected with the adhesive masking tape.

Degrease and clean PVC frame with a rag soaked in a special cleaner to remove dirt and glue residues; meanwhile this procedure also removes static electricity.

Paint application

Prepare the window frame for paintingPaint, profile, and paint gun must be of the same temperature and at least 65F, relative humidity mustn’t exceed 80%. Water-based paint on PVC trim is applied in one layer with a wet film thickness of no less than 80 microns. Painting PVC with a wet film thickness of over 120 microns will lead to a significant increase in drying time and may affect decorative features of the coating.

Painting of vinyl window frames in colors with metallic effect may be carried out in two layers. For the first layer paint with a “metallic” effect is applied. After intermediate drying (10-12 hours) coat the structure with the second layer of colorless aqueous varnish for PVC.

Subject to the above parameters drying time of the frame does not exceed 1 hour. At high wet film thickness, lower temperature and high humidity drying time can be significantly increased.

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