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How to make a window frame and properly install it

Preparation and necessary tools. Step by step recommendations on how to make a window frame. Proper materials and rules for making a durable structure.

How to make a window frameMany house owners give preference to natural materials and products. Deciding on how to make a window frame, it is desirable to plan the entire composition as a whole, so that the work had a harmonious look in the end.

A big advantage of wood is that it is relatively easy to operate, since it is quite malleable material. The procedure is rather simple, because you don’t need in special equipment or tools. What is needed for work?

  • dry or glued timber (wood planks 2?6 inches and 2?2 inches);
  • saw;
  • hammer;
  • chisel;
  • electric planer and cutter (if available at home);
  • metal corners;
  • joiner glue;
  • sandpaper.

For the window jamb it is better to pick the glulam. You can also use solid board, but in this case warping of the window becomes more likely. The jamb will be subjected to loads, therefore, use oak or pine for its production. Softwood is not suitable.

Step by step assembling of the window jamb

The measurement of the window to install the new frameCarry out measurements of your window opening. This is done in order to properly fit the window jamb and the frame itself.

Proceed to making the window jamb. The groove in the prepared board must be performed so that looking at it a cut you could see the right-angled gap. This type of fastening will prevent moisture from entering the premises, as well as improve the tightness. According to the on the drawing, the board is sawn into separate components. Since the window has rectangular or square shape, there should be four pieces.

Before joining the window jamb parts, you must select the type of connection. This directly determines the durability of the windows. Experts recommend opting for spikes and grooves. For making the grooves, you can use ordinary router or electric planer. Regarding to grooving it is better to experiment using the odd piece of board.

Be aware that the vertical parts are fitted with grooves, while horizontal will have spikes. After handling the workpieces their ends are impregnated with joiner glue. But first the sawn edges should be sanded to a level of smooth surface using sandpaper.

Before making the final window jamb, check all the corners if they match 90 degrees, then combine all the elements. To make the connection most rigid and strong, you need to drill a hole in the end and insert the wooden pin smeared with glue. To strengthen the window jamb the corners of the ends are fitted with metal corners. They are placed only after the adhesive solution completely dries.

Tips on how to make a window frame

Glued laminated timberNext you move on to the very production of the frame. Here you will need a 2?2 inches bar of timber to make a profile. It is also necessary to make spikes and incised grooves in profile workpieces. The main thing is to remember that between the window frame and the jambs there must be a 1-2 mm gap. Further this distance allows free opening and closing the window without any obstacles. Technology of connection the window frame segments is similar to mounting compounds of the window jamb. When the frame is assembled, the joints must be thoroughly lubricated with the glue. After the glue dries its remnants are cut off, and the junctions are carefully polished.

If you are making a casement window, then the listed actions are followed by installation of hardware. First of all, the hinges are fastened onto the frame and the jamb. In case of the sliding structure the sliding mechanism is set; here the window sash is moved along the guide rails mounted on the support frame or the fixed sash.

Then the surface of both structures is coated with a special solution, which will protect the wood from moisture. At the final stage the whole wood is either varnished or coated with paint.

This can be considered a complete installation of wooden windows. You have to install the glass and perform the final finishing, which includes the installation of casings and a window sill. This work begins after hardening of the foam (not earlier than 12 hours).

Installation technology of wooden windows

When you’ve determined how to make a wooden window frame and everything is ready you proceed to fitting the window. For high durability of your structure follow these rules:

  • How to make a wooden window framethe window frame should not be loaded by overlying part of the wall;
  • installation should not disrupt the geometry of the window: the corners must be strictly equal to 90°, and the difference in lengths of the diagonals mustn’t exceed 10 mm;
  • the size of the window frame should be 10-20 mm smaller than the window opening.

To ensure the horizontal position during the installation of wooden windows most commonly mounting pads are used. After careful adjustment the window is fixed by the wedges.

For final fixing of the window use mounting plates. They are fastened to the window frame at a distance of 10 inches from each corner. After attaching the mounting plate to the window frame and the wall, the wedges are removed. Free space along the perimeter of the window is filled with foam.

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