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How to clean uPVC window frames from dirt and mould

Useful recommendations in regard to how to clean uPVC window frames from typical contaminants. Methods of dealing with mold.

It is important to protect the top layer of PVC surfaces of frames, window sills and linings from erasing. It is more resistant to dirt, and its destruction removes special barrier and leads to rapid fading of surface and intense contamination in areas with disturbed protection. So that your windows and their bordering elements would shine again, find out how to clean uPVC window frames without damaging their appearance and useful properties of PVC.

Some tips on how to clean white uPVC window frames

  • How to clean upvc window framesWhen washing the window, start with the frame. Then pay attention to the glass and, in the last instance, the sill.
  • It is better to wash the inner glass surface from the top to the bottom and the outside surface – from right to left. Thus you’ll notice all the spots you missed.
  • Solvents and powders cannot be used for cleaning not only plastic, but also seals and fittings as they can be damaged. Aggressive detergents will instantly dry the soft rubber, and the seal will be covered with cracks.
  • When cleaning the PVC windows it is necessary to grease the fittings with special means, such as liquid silicone. It is injected into the holes on the of metal fittings’ bar with the help of a syringe.

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How to clean uPVC window frames from various contaminants

Treatment hard to reach places PVC WindowsPolyurethane foam is removed from glass manually. At the same time, if you have found it right after the installation of windows, it is likely that the foam is not solidified yet. Never try to remove it at this point. Polyurethane foam is much better separated from the glass surface after complete drying (as it breaks down and crumbles easily) and its traces are removed by a detergent for glass cleaning.

When you need to clean paint off the glass surface, use a solvent (or other means recommended for the particular type of paint). The solvent does not cause any harm to the glass surface whilst the PVC surface could be seriously damaged if it is hardly rubbed. Therefore, paint stains must be removed from the frame very carefully and quickly so that the substance didn’t have time to soak into the plastic. Small paint droplets are best removed with a cotton swab, as when using the sponge the solvent is likely to leak onto other parts of the window.

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Plaster is recommended to wash out by ordinary soap solution. Even if it isn’t removed after the first time, do not despair. Persistently continue this procedure and you will not wait for the result too long!

What exactly cannot be done when cleaning the glass, is using abrasive means, especially hard sponge and scraper, because the glass surface will remain scratched forever.

How to clean uPVC window frames when you have protective film remained on a profile

We recommend to remove protective film as soon as possible, as the glue that keeps it on the frame or sash surface under the influence of heat begins to penetrate deep into PVC and subsequently gets hard to remove. If you still weren’t able to remove the protective film from PVC windows, then clean it off the surface with a soap solution. In particularly difficult cases, use professional detergents.

Incidentally, the similar method can be used to remove any adhesives left by masking tape, for example.

Cleaning the surface from mould

How to clean white upvc window framesTo begin with, it is recommended to remove all decorative facing of linings and disinfect the walls. Use a stiff brush to clean mould off the plastic windows and the linings. To do this, prepare a solution of chlorinated lime or a biocide. Do not forget to wear protective gloves and a respirator mask: chlorinated lime in contact with skin causes a burning sensation. After this step it is necessary to air the room.

Then put ready antifungal mixture on the whole area of linings and problem spots of the frame using a synthetic brush. After treatment of the whole surface the room must be aired for 30-40 minutes. In order to prevent further occurrence of mould, treat the wall under the linings with a mastic or rubber based primer: they will cover the wall with dense waterproof film, which will last more than one year.

Preventing mold

  1. The most common problems of PVC Windows: fogging and mouldObserve the optimal level of humidity in the room. Periodically air the room at any time of the year.
  2. Watch for moisture resistance and insulation of your windows. Check the validity of the plastic seals on the sash and frame at least once a year.
  3. Every few years, treat the place of potential occurrence of mould with the fungicidal compositions.
  4. In case of condensate (fogging) on the glass, check all the possible causes of its occurrence, and try to get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Adhering to these guidelines, you can no longer worry about mold on plastic windows and linings.

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