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How to walk on a tile roof carefully while laying the ridge or doing some repair work

Here we discuss several ways of careful and proper walking on a tile roof of your house while doing repairing works or laying the ridge.

Tile is a roof covering in the form of small plates of different shapes and sizes which can be made of;

  • Perform repair tilefired clay;
  • some kinds of modern plastic clay with different additives;
  • slate;
  • cement and sand;
  • copper;
  • composite;
  • bitumen.

Such coverage is one of the most attractive, but also one of the most expensive ones. However, today’s market offers some cheaper options for customers that do not affect its quality.

Natural tile, such as clay tile, is different from other roofing coverings because of its many advantages. This natural material used for the roof practically does not age at all, it is able to carry out a variety of weather conditions, high humidity, frost, UV radiation. Natural tile perfectly controls the microclimate of the house, it allows you to keep warm in winter and keep cool in summer. It does not let snow and ice masses accumulate on the roofing, has super high water resistance even during with heavy rains. Tiles would be eternal material, but for the fragility of the tile plates.

Tile of baked claySometimes the owner of the house with a tile roof or people engaged in repairing process need access to the roof. And the most common case is walking on the ready parts of the tile roof during installing the next parts. During the installation process you should be careful and walk on tile in soft shoes (or shoes with rather soft soles). While walking on the profiled sheets you should step on lathing area. When walking along the sheet you should step to the flexure of ‘the wave’, across the profile crease.

Here we’d like to present you a few professional tips on how to walk on a tiled roof and do not damage it. But above all it should be noted that walking on a tiled roof should be done only in the case of the urgency because of its extreme fragility. If you are out on the roof make sure that your shoes had soles made of rubber or polyurethane as these materials are less prone to sliding. They will also serve as depreciation. Do not forget that tiles have the specific construction that can easily let you fall off and seriously hurt yourself. If you have problems with the coordination never go out to the tiled roof.

Here are a few options for a professional approach on how to walk on tile roof without breaking or damaging tiles.

Option 1: Screwing boards under tile ‘petals’

how to walk on slate roofing tilesIn the stacked shingle you should pick up one tile ‘petal’ and then under it screw the wooden board of about 1 foot wide with the help of a screw. Then in the same row of tiles, for example, in the next 6 feet, do the same, etc. On these boards you should screw one extra board of about 2 inches wide. Then walk exactly on it. Be careful with toes part of your shoes, you shouldn’t rely on your toes too much, it is even desirable not to do it at all, because the tile is very easy to crumble. If you fasten the board thickness to 2,5 inches or more, then the end which you screw under the tile ‘petal’ should be made thinner. It can be about 3 inches from the edge. Then saw half a board and chip it. You will need a screw. So the pile ‘petals’ will not be splitting.

Option 2: Attaching ropes over the roof ridge

You may attach the rafter on the ropes. It is better to attach it over the roof ridge, horizontally. To the rafter at its edges and center you should nail carved wooden corners for it to lay horizontal on the roof. Under the corners you should put a piece of hardboard so that its smooth side is adjacent to the corners. It is necessary to ensure that the rafter has no contact with the coating. Pulling the ropes should be done very carefully, even by extra placing pieces of hardboard underneath.

Option 3: Building scaffoldings

You can make the most primitive scaffolding below, if the height of your house is not rather significant. Under the vertical guides you should put the foam, without nailing it (foam boards will not come into contact with the tile).


How to walk on a tile roofIt should be noted that in most cases when examining leaky tile roofs it is usually found out that the cause of leakage is not the overwear of the roof, but the result of errors during mounting a soft roof and most of these errors are due to careless walking of people who were covering the roof on tile being manufactured. Most of these errors can be corrected, but sometimes the complete replacement of the damaged section is required of highly recommended. Shortcomings may appear not immediately after the installation, but a few months or even and a few years later. Proper walking on the tiles during installation ensures the longevity of your roof. You should also know that the appearance of a leak at some point of the ceiling of the room inside your house is absolutely no evidence that the leak is just in the same place of a tiled roof. It may happen because of particular qualities of tile roofs. 

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