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How to install laminate flooring on stairs properly

Useful information on install laminate flooring on stairs – working out in detail the most important aspects of works.

How to install laminate flooring on stairsThe decoration of stairs may be performed in many different ways. In this article we will focus on how to decorate the stairs with laminate and how to install laminate flooring on stairs correctly. We will also look at some important nuances while installation which have to be taken into account.

Laminated stairs

After construction of the staircase steps you will not only have to decorate them, but also to experience a lot of stress during this operation. If you want to finish the stairs in the house with laminated flooring, it should be made by rules.

Before you start

Using the profile finishing stairs laminateLaminated board is made up of several layers:

  • a high-density fiberboard on a stabilizing substrate
  • decorative paper layer coated with melamine or acrylic resin

Depending on the manufacturer, the composition of the panel may vary, having different configurations interlocks. Any laminated board member of its class.

There are many different classes of laminated flooring in the market today. Classes starting with an F – is an option for home use. Finishing laminated wooden ladders should be performed with the use of the material of the class not lower than 31.

By purchasing the material, it is necessary to bear in mind some of the nuances. Quite often, the stairs are of different width, so you need to focus on the widest, and then you should count the number of steps. Get the number of boards required only for cladding treads. Then you multiply the height of the riser on the number of stages.

If the ladder is march, then there are landings. Their area is also necessary to be considered, so add it to the calculated amount of material required for facing staircases.


The two-tone finish stairs with laminateBefore you start finishing your stairs (especially if it is concrete stairs), under each step you should lay the overlay – it may be plastic or cork (plastic is cheaper, but cork will serve you for decades). The overlay will provide good cover depreciation, as well as sound insulation while walking up the stairs. In case the staircase has a complex configuration, it is necessary to make cardboard templates by which you will cut the elements of the lining and the overlay. Doing this you can avoid errors while cutting the material which always lead you to cost overruns.

Transition profiles

To connect multi-level surfaces, there are special sections. Profile designs allow you to decorate the joints and, maybe, some other elements around the stairs in a very beautiful way. Profiles will also contribute to the distribution of loads on the surface of the board and its uniform wear.


The use of a laminate when decorating stairsFinishing will require a certain set of tools. The most convenient one for cutting the laminated boards is a jigsaw. If you can’t get one, use a hacksaw or a circular saw. But if you want to cut, for example, the opening for a baluster, it is better to use a conventional narrow metal nail file.

Zinc screws

Decorating the stairs with laminated flooring will not to be performed without the use of screws. Each element must be secured on both sides, so there will be more additional fixation area or profile. For the fasteners not to face corrosion in nearest future, it is better to use stainless metals: copper, brass or zinc. Of course, the price of them is slightly higher, but you will not have to pay twice after the corrosion problem.

We hope this article helped you to get proper information on the process of laying the laminated flooring onto the stairs and its main aspects.

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