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How to start laying laminate flooring to get work done in a perfect way

Here is the tips from experts and professional construction workers on how to start laying laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring becomes more and more popular nowadays. This is no wonder: this coating look good and serves for long. So, here are some tips from pros on how to start laying laminate flooring special for you!

Laminate flooring – where to start?

  • Device lock laminateBefore the laying, the laminate must be laid down in the room where the works are performed for several days – it must adapt to the air in the room to accept tighter humidity and temperature, which is in the room.
  • The overlay must be placed perpendicular to the proposed installation of laminate boards.
  • While laying the laminate flooring the professionals advise to have long stitches placed along the sunlight passing into the room from the window – this is usually considered as the best place to start laying laminate flooring. With this embodiment, the joints between the panels will be less visible.
  • The alignment of the laminate on the floorWhen laying the laminate coating, it is necessary to leave gaps between the wall and the laminate boards, so in the future they will cover a plinth. In most rooms the gap of only 10 mm is quite enough. But if the length of the wall is more than 40 feet, do a gap at the rate of 1.5 mm per 3-4 feet of the wall length.
  • While laying the laminate, it is necessary to fix the gaps, inserting them into the wedges – they will not allow them to move out of the laminate panels to the wall.
  • It is necessary to comply with one very important rule: each successive row should be offset from the previous one, staggered. Stern is not the displacement, it can vary from 1 foot to the middle pane. But, the mixing must be necessarily performed – it will allow to distribute the load over a large surface and ultimately increase the life of the floor covering.

«Click» and «Lock» – not to mix things up!

Cut the right amount of laminate flooring before layingIf your laminate boards are «click»-locked, do as follows:

But a board in the corner of the room, take the second board and, at an angle of about 30 degrees, connect two panels to the lock, then lower the second panel on the floor. Continue this way until you hit the wall. The last board in the band will likely have to eb cut – do it using a jigsaw or a hacksaw. The second lane is collected separately – using the assistant, connect two strips together to the lock at an angle of 30 degrees. Keep laying around the room this way. The main advantage of the «click»-locked boards is the fact that it is not necessary to use a hammer.

If your laminate boards are «locked», do as follows:

Laying of the substrate under the laminate on the ground floorDealing with such boards, it is not necessary to gather them in bands – each following panel is connected to the already assembled section. Put the two panels on the floor at each side, so that their tenon coincides with the groove of the second. Then attach the board gently tapping it with a hammer until you get to the spike before the end comes in the groove. Attach the last board into the wall – it is the most difficult operation while the process of laying laminate. It is necessary to attach it either by Z-shaped strip or by a conventional nail puller, which is braced against a wall connecting the two panels together. With this type of boards, it is not necessary to gain the full second row, taking one panel, map the tongue and a groove on the panel and strip them gently with a hammer. The second board will first be joined on the wide side, and then on the narrow side.

Now you have enough information on where to start laying laminate flooring in a room and you are ready to perform this work with your own hands!

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