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How to build a garden wall correctly and firmly

Essential points on building garden walls. Their types and functions. Use of different materials. Garden walls as an element of landscaping.

How to build a garden wallThe natural slope of the area relief causes land sliding and washing out of the soil. Therefore, for the owners of the bumpy garden area it can be useful to know how to build a garden wall properly. It also makes sense to build them on the flat areas as a decorative element. Visually dividing the space, they will make diversity and allow using the territory in a more efficient way.

You can build retaining walls by yourself up to 40 in high. Higher constructions require participation of the designer, who will calculate the pressure of the land masses held and relevant parameters of the construction.

Garden walls on the borders between the terraces and ledges prevent occurrence of landslips and landslides and soil leaching. The retaining wall is an essential part of the garden area. It decorates your garden and shares it into several specific zones.

Types of construction material used for building garden walls

For the construction of a reinforcing element of steep slopes one should use natural stone or concrete. Concrete garden wall is the most durable and thorough design. If you are planning to build a retaining wall as a decorative element, it is possible the use wood, brick or gabion.

Installation of wooden walls is considered to be cheap, but the building process is not as simple as it may seem. Creating and installing the wall requires smooth, high-quality wood. A more simplified method of construction consists of placing the logs vertically; they fit tightly to each other.

Brick walls are laid in the same way as during usual construction. If the wall is less than 40 in high, it should be laid in half-brick. The higher wall is laid in full bricks.

Main points of brick and stone walls construction for the garden

Granite stones used for the construction of wallsBrick or stone wall is built by combining elements with mortar. A vital issue is how to build garden wall foundation. The wall is put on a concrete foundation deepened in the ground for 8-20 in. The depth of the foundation depends on the wall height and the soil adhesion (its ability to resist external load). The low permeable soil under the foundation must be covered with a layer of compacted coarse fraction crushed stone or gravel.

The easiest way is to build a wall of bricks. For such a construction the necessary foundation depth is determined by the final height of the wall, soil composition and its degree of freezing. Talking about the width, it is often 8-12 in more than the wall itself.

When deciding on how to build a wall garden construction of stone, consider that the elements should be carefully selected. Larger stones are to be laid in the corners and in the lower course. For the construction stability it is important that the vertical gaps between the stones are singly located or connected no more than in two adjacent rows. The wall thickness must be more than 1/5 of its height, but at least 12 in.

The construction of stone walls presupposes more significant financial and physical costs. But natural stone gives a unique style and appearance of the entire building. Granite, basalt and syenite are often used in construction. The foundation is laid so that its width is greater than 12 in. Non-observance of these rules can result in an unstable wall that may soon collapse.

What should be remembered in regard to how to build a garden wall?

  • Preparation of terrain for construction of the wallIt is necessary to perform a drainage layer of coarse gravel or crushed stone between the slope and the wall, especially in case of low permeable soil.
  • Drainage tube which collects water and outputs it outside should be positioned at the bottom of the drainage layer along the entire wall.
  • The low garden wall can be vertical. If it exceeds the height of 32 in, the wall should be inclined for 10-15% in the slope direction.
  • The upper edge of the wall should be slightly higher than the ground level in order to prevent water overflow.
  • The territory relief at the base of the wall must always be formed with a slight slant to the outside. In case the construction is next to the lawn, the foundation or the first masonry course is to be made more extensive and positioned at the ground level. It will facilitate cutting the grass.

Retaining garden walls in landscaping

How to build a brick garden wallFor a small garden area the wall is built up to 24 inches. The bushes finely grow along these structures. High walls are usually diluted with interesting architectural elements (e.g. benches, niches and stairs).

The solution on how to build a garden wall and what material to use for the construction should be based on specific design ideas. The installation of large granite stones laid in a close seam is welcomed. It is appropriate to use large beams. To create a more refined relief wall covering is done using small stones and plaster.

Today it is possible to realize any project. It is important not to infringe the construction technology. 

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  1. Half of people in Britain think a well-designed garden is as important (or more important) than a designer kitchen or bathroom when buying a new place. And garden walling is highly effective at achieving a design to help boost the value of a home. Thinking about moving home soon?

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    Thanks for the tip that when it comes to getting crushed stones for my garden, their compactness would be important to make sure of. I’m interested in having flower beds soon in my garden in order to have a specific area where I can take care of more exotic plants. Using crushed stone as a border for them would probably be a good choice.

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