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How long does it take to install laminate flooring?

How long does it usually take to install laminate flooring – calculating the time of works.

Stacked laminate with a hammerLaying this wood flooring – which is quite popular nowadays – is usually performed in a few simple, but mandatory stages. If you wonder how long does it take to install laminate flooring, this article will be useful for you. Thanks to the simple calculation of the time needed for each stage of works you will be able to work out the time according to your own skills and life circumstances.

Beginning of works

Before you start you work, you will need to stock up such tools as:

  • a hammer
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • Preparation of the substrate under the laminatea hacksaw (you may also use a jigsaw)
  • a clamp
  • wedges
  • several wooden boards (for lining of the laminated boards)

Starting work is appropriately with the place where furniture is installed permanently. This will help you fit all the laminate boards’ width and length according to the single standard – for the floor pattern to look attractive and harmonious. If during operations the material will have to be cut along or across, these incomplete pieces are better to be hidden under the carpet and the furniture. We also recommend to cover all the furniture with the polyethylene film. This preparation stage will take you not more than one day or one evening.

The order of works

Check whether the floor is smooth before installing the laminateThe laminated boards are usually laid toward the window to make the seams less visible, because the light falls along the material. On the premises of isolation, it is best to taken care of technical polyethylene foam or cork. If you lay the laminate flooring directly on the concrete base, you will need to take care of waterproofing – to lay an overlay under the future flooring. This will prevent moistening the material from the concrete. This work usually takes 2 days.

Before the laying, the laminate boards must be left in a room for not less than 48 hours – this particular material must adapt to the microclimate of the dwelling.

How to lay laminate schemeBegin to lay laminate flooring stepping away from each wall not less than 5-7mm. For uniformity of stacking rows the wedges are traditionally used. If you do not use wedges, then the material can deform. In order not to spoil the look of the laminate, use wooden napkin on which it is easy enough to tap the boards with a hammer. Perform a subsequent series of careful hammer moves. If you follow the rule “move every next board at a half-length”, it will many times increase the resistance of the material to mechanical shock. The second row is inserted at an angle of 20 degrees in the grooves of the first row, and then it is lightly pressed into the slots. The last row is not so easy to install – you will need to work very carefully. This work will take you about 2 days for an average size room.

So, we can see that the full process will take you about one week. Of course, everything depends on your personal abilities and the spare time you have. If you have a not working week, you will be able to perform this work for one room during it.

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