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How to clean parquet floors

It’s commonly known that the lifetime of parquet flooring depends on proper care – here are important tips on how to clean parquet floors correctly.

Clean the parquet floor with a vacuum cleanerParquet flooring is beautiful, durable and eco-friendly, it has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. But all the benefits may disappear quickly, if there isn’t proper care for it. In order not to be upset because of the damage of the flooring, it is better to remember some simple tips on how to clean parquet floors correctly.

The new-laid parquet flooring is perfectly flat, smooth and beautiful. But after a while, there comes a time to clean the house, and you suddenly realize that you do not know whether it is possible to wash the parquet flooring in a usual way you are used to.

Terms of cleaning parquet floors

  1. If the parquet coating is varnished, the first wet cleaning can be carried out not earlier than two weeks later, when the varnish is sufficiently strong (it will tighten all the cracks between the parquet strips).
  2. The best way to clean parquet is using warm water with mild detergent for parquet added. Pros recommend to wash parquet no more than two or three times a year.
  3. Never use hot water and caustic cleaning agents! Deep clean is forbidden for parquet!
  4. A rag (a mop) should be made of soft fabric – microfiber is the best choice.
  5. A rag must be very carefully pressed, as humidity has a detrimental effect on the state of materials made of natural wood. After the cleaning, the flooring should be wiped with a damp cloth, and then it should dry for a couple of minutes. If the water is still visible on the floor, immediately wipe the parquet again, to complete dryness.
  6. The care of parquet with pomoshju specialized toolsIt is strictly not recommended to use ordinary vacuum cleaner for any types of parquet cleaning (wet washing, steam wasing, etc.). Recently, manufacturers have started to release special vacuum cleaners for wood flooring. Some models are equipped with a special brush with soft natural bristles for cleaning and washing of parquet flooring – it’s very suitable for old parquet.
  7. A mop for cleaning parquet flooring should have good water absorption for an excess amount of water not to get under the cover. Choose the one the edges of which are trimmed with several layers of absorbent material. The design of the mop for wood flooring is usually supplemented by mechanical extraction function.

The best parquet floor cleaners

Gentle cleansers are the best option in the market of cleaning products for parquet. They are usually produced in the form of concentrates or aerosols. They are not alkali, so they are neutral to the parquet lacquer – they will not leave streaks and residue after washing the floor.

The most effective way to clean the flooringAmerican professionals recommend “Aqua Sport Wood Floor Cleaner” made in USA and the Spanish “Rubi”. They dry quickly, do not require rinsing, they can be used for cleaning of floor coverings made of natural wood on a daily basis. They also easily remove oil and grease spots, grind micro scratches and preserve the good look of wood flooring.

Water-based cleaners are recommended to be used in complex. After washing the flooring with an aqueous cleaner, which is easy for cleansing the flooring from all dirt tracks, use it for closing the pores of timber – it will protects the parquet from moisture and dirt for a very long time.

Concentrated wax-based cleaners have a strong dirt-repelling effect – after its use the parquet will look just like it was cleaned a minute ago for several days.

Care and cleaning tips

  • Do not walk on the parquet in shoes with heels in order to avoid violation of the integrity of the coating
  • Furniture legs are better to be provided with special soft fabric wheels
  • In the room with the parquet flooring it is recommended to keep the temperature no higher than 77 °F and a certain level of humidity for the parquet not to swollen
  • To remove difficult stains, use stain removers only for wood flooring with neutral pH
  • Use wax polishes and oils which close the timber pores and small cracks wellApplying technology tools for the care of parquet floors
  • If on the parquet floor is scratched, use a restorative paste produced for decoration of wooden materials

As you can see, it is not difficult to clean the parquet flooring and to care of it. If you follow the clean&care recommendations, you will avoid mechanical damages to the parquet flooring – it will stay beautiful, smooth and even for decades and decades and you will not have to restore it (by sanding or partly relaying).

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