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How to clean cork floors

After cork floor covering installation, you need to understand that to preserve a beauty for many years you need taking into account how to clean cork floors.

After cork floor covering installation, you need to understand that to preserve a beauty for many years you need taking into account how to clean cork floors.

How to maintain the cork floor in good form?

Follow the next recommendations:

  1. How to clean cork floorsMake sure that moisture does not accumulate to the floor in any case. It can lead to loss of esthetic appearance and its operational properties deterioration, without speaking about a reproduction of fungi and other harmful microorganisms.
  2. Regular change a protective layer of a covering, whether it is a varnish or mastic. You shouldn’t wait when it begins to be erased, and unattractive “bald spots” will appear on your floor.
  3. Think in advance of a floor protecting from damages and scratches that are formed from furniture legs. You can dress them in special felt “shoes” – nozzles, or paste on them the stopper pieces suitable by the size.
  4. To prevent the emergence of scratches on a surface from sand and the dirt from the street, put the special cleaning rugs at an entrance. Specialists pay attention that such cleaning products shan’t have the rubberized reasons as it can leave the ugly and hardly removed spots on a floor.

These measures are very effective and allow protecting a natural covering from a set of negative factors of impact, but you can’t avoid the usual dirt. It is worth paying special attention to cleaning of a cork floor.

How to make a cleaning cork floors: the best way

You need to consider the following instructions:

  • Dry floor cleaning corkUse only well squeezed out, slightly damp rag for cleaning.
  • You can use a usual floor rag or steam mop, but expel the washing vacuum cleaner from this arsenal.
  • You can apply the most various washing and cleaning household means, such as soap. However, they shouldn’t contain the abrasive particles. It is strictly forbidden to clean cork flooring with containing solvents products.
  • Today there are special products for cork floor care. They not only protect its surface but also add to a covering a fresh type and gloss. These means allow you removing effectively the fat from the surface and many other types of pollution.
  • Luxurious look of cork flooring with proper careIf there is serious pollution on a surface of a floor, for example, stubborn stain from ink or oil, then use an emery paper with a small abrasive for their elimination. After that, you need to treat this place with wax and to cover with a new varnish coat.

It should be noted that most of the producers of cork flooring make the recommendations about the use of these or those care products for floor care. Moreover, they guarantee to preserve beauty and its operational properties only on condition of use of the means specified in recommendations.

Preventive care for cork floor

The feature of cork flooring is the facts that in a case of laying under direct sunshine, it is shortly exposed to burnout, respectively it loses primitive color and former attractiveness. It is possible to avoid it if to worry in advance about coverage protection– in the solar time of day, window must be closed with curtains or blinds. In places with high traffic and functional loading, for example, near a computer table, it is recommended to lay rugs.

Cleaning cork floor with special toolsOne more nuance is the level of humidity of the air. Specialists claim that its optimum size is 40-60% in case of air temperature, not higher 20?C. However, in a colder season, when we actively operate heating devices and system of heating, the level of humidity decreases. Usually, it leads to such negative phenomenon as a crack formation of a floor. To prevent additional moistening of air, you can use special household humidifiers.

Thus, it is enough to observe a number of preventive measures and rules in case of direct care of cork flooring to maintain its attractive appearance for many years and to admire guests with the luxury of natural material.

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