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How to clean rubber flooring

How to clean rubber flooring by hand using special semi-professional tools – discussing the simple cleaning and the deep one.

Clean a rubber floor brushNowadays we can see rubber flooring not only in the gyms or children’s playgrounds, but in the living spaces as well. Let’s talk on how to clean rubber flooring properly.

Fast and high-quality cleaning of rubber floors do not present any particular difficulties – you should just use semi-professional detergents designed specially for this equipment.

Where rubber floor coverings are applied?

The floors made of rubber, as a rule, can be found in areas with high traffic and special requirements for flooring. Due to its anti-pinch and anti-slip properties, rubber flooring is traditionally used in many sports facilities, fitness centers, playgrounds, for arranging the tennis courts and playgrounds for team games, offices and industrial areas with high humidity, stairways within entrance areas, etc. Also rubber coatings are often used in garages.

The advantages of rubber floors

  • It’s very strong and durable
  • it has anti-slip surface with super absorbing effect
  • it has aesthetic appearance
  • it absorb noise better than any other coatings
  • high quality rubber flooring has no peculiar smell
  • it makes it easy to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene and cleanliness
  • it’s resistant to aggressive chemicals (gasoline, motor oil, etc)

The washing of rubber flooring

Rubber flooring after cleaningFloor coverings made of rubber are not demanding special detergents, but, for quick and high-quality cleaning, rubber flooring can be washed with the help of semi-professional washing detergents using special cleaning tips.
For daily cleaning of rubber floors, the professionals recommend to use of a universal means produced in Europe – the neutral detergents to clean all water-resistant surfaces. The products are usually available in volumes of 1 liter. For perfect results, use semi-professional cleaning microfiber nozzles for rubber floors.

The best options in the market of mop nozzles nowadays is two-way nozzles made of 100% microfiber with stringent cleaning stripes. They are perfect for wet cleaning of rubber floors. Popular microfiber washing nozzles are designed for wet texture, uneven and hard rubber flooring – they are made from special fibers that provide excellent scrubbing. Microfiber mop nozzles for dry or slightly damp cleaning are used to collect the dust and rubbish from the floors made of rubber, natural stone, granite, linoleum, etc.

Cleaning black rubber gym flooring

Gym flooring needs very deep cleaning. Rooms with very strong “feet traffic” has very high level of dirt, so it will be unsafe for visitors to train in gyms that are not properly washed every day. Black rubber tiles have uneven texture that needs to be cleaned very deeply.

After the regular cleaning, the floor is washed with clean water to remove detergent residue and dirt. Otherwise, the remains of the alkali will destroy the work from the inside -the protective polymer coating will inevitably go through delamination process.

Cleaning rubber flooring special machineThen proceed directly to the polymer cleaning. The polymer is applied in layers. Requires application is at least 2 layers of protection to achieve the best result.

After the polishing, all layers are deposited, the coating is left to dry for a period of about 5 hours. The moves in the gym are strongly not recommended. Cover the furniture, scrub the floors and prevent the significant mechanical stress during this time. For this reason, a protective polymer coating is usually applied in the evening and left overnight to dry.

We hope you managed to get all the proper information on how to clean rubber flooring without the professional help.

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