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The easiest way how to install carpet on concrete

The carpet is commonly used to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. But, how to install carpet on concrete? There are a number of features and it requires compliance with certain conditions.

The carpet is commonly used to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. But, how to install carpet on concrete? There are a number of features and it requires compliance with certain conditions.

The measurements of the room

Install carpet on concreteThe process of laying carpet on the concrete floor has several stages. First of all, this is carrying out of measurements. Working with measurement of room space where the carpet will lie, needs to be done very attentively. This will determine whether you will be able to buy stuff without overspending or lack of material. If there is an opportunity, then the necessary carpet needs to be purchased as a whole fragment, allowing you to ease the installation work, as there will be no work with seams. In a case of uneven walls, it is worth being focused on the maximum width and length of a floor. If you aren’t absolutely sure of the accuracy of the calculations, then it is better to buy material with a small spare part.

How to lay carpet on concrete: preparation of a base

With the purpose to provide high-quality installation, the concrete basis needs to be prepared carefully. For this purpose, it is necessary to achieve a floor to be dry, smooth and clean. If we compare the carpet with laminate, it may be noted that it does not require a perfectly flat surface. However, it is better to put in this case the maximum quantity of efforts, which will be demonstrated than on simplicity of stacking and service life of a covering. If a concrete floor has insignificant hollows, then they are sealed with the help of putty. All concrete surface needs to be processed with padding of deep penetration. If a floor has significant irregularities and elevation changes, then it needs to be aligned by means of a bulk floor or other self-leveled mixes.

The easiest way of laying carpet on concrete floor

Before a carpet laying on concrete, it is necessary to solve a problem with drainage and if there are problems with an excess of moisture. This measure is necessary in order that mold traces couldn’t appear on a carpet. To simplify the task of installing, it is better to remove all the doors.

The installation stages:

  • Join the pieces of carpet on a concrete floorto clear carefully the concrete basis;
  • to close up all cracks and defects on the surface of concrete;
  • to cover a concrete floor with padding;
  • to establish laths for a carpet fixture on concrete;
  • to lay tack strips;
  • to trim a carpet on a size, leaving 15 cm of reserve around the perimeter;
  • to spread out a carpet;
  • to process the edges.
  1. After the concrete has to be thoroughly cleaned, it needs to be washed up in addition solute of bleaching powder and water. It will destroy a mold and bacteria. Then you need to wash the floor with water again.
  2. It is better to close up defects and cracks on the concrete surface until a floor will completely be dry. Cracks can be repaired with putty for concrete repair. Small cracks can be removed with the sealant for sealing cracks
  3. Padding is applied on a concrete floor with the roller or a brush. It is very convenient to use the roller with the long handle. It should be combined with the used glue for a carpet gluing. If there is an oil-based padding, then the room should be well ventilated.
  4. Rolling out on the floor of a special lining under the carpetFor installation of a lath for a carpet fixture, it should be trimmed off with a knife in such way that the length can have strictly corresponded to wall length. In a case of lath fixture, it is necessary to leave space between it and a wall. The gap should be equal to the height of the pile. The empty space is necessary there to fill edges of a floor covering when laying.
  5. To lay tack strips, they need to be cut, taking into account the length of the room. Then, you need to put them on the perimeter. It is necessary to spread consistently. Glue for a carpet is applied on the grooved side of tack strips. Ranks of tapes are combined end-to-end, and on the place of seams, the insulating tape is pasted. Surpluses are trimmed with a sharp knife.
  6. After cutting a carpet by the size, the special tape for seams is pasted on the joint places. It must be glued with the adhesive side up. You may need a steam iron, which sticks the separate pieces together.

The laying method with an overlap

This laying method is used in cases when a carpet is not decomposed in one piece and consists of strips.

  1. Carefully smooth the first strip of a covering, leveling it on the walls, making sure that there are no gaps. All parties should have the free ends coming on walls at 5-6 cm. There is no to trim anything yet.
  2. The second strip comes on the first lap over the entire length to the width, which then will be convenient to trim on the line. Put on the first page something heavy not to move it.
  3. Place a firm foundation on a floor under a carpet where it will be more convenient to trim. It can be a piece of plywood, a scrap of a laminate, or a board. The length is better to choose the optimum to move on.
  4. Cut a carpet with a sharp knife along the length of it, the two pieces must be together where it is lapped. Even if somewhere the hand will tremble, and the section won’t be ideally equal, this site will be glued together, and the roughness will be imperceptible.
  5. Then the places of a section are pasted with a glue or an adhesive tape. Trim the excess gradually at walls. The room is usually furnished, and it presses material to a floor in addition. Installing carpet on concrete in such way will serve you for all the useful life.

The carpet laying on a basement floor

Laying carpet overlapThe idea just to lay a carpet on a basement floor can shock some people, but its heat and the wide range of stylistic decisions along with a price variety does such material as the popular choice for a floor covering. While one speaks about the sensitivity of carpets to moisture and doubt about it, others just pre-stretches the waterproof materials. Besides, the synthetic carpets for use lower than the level of the ground, are steady against the emergence of a mold. These coverings give warmth and a coziness, feeling of comfort to the room, have good sound insulation, as well as thermal insulation. A floor on the basement floor is most often made of concrete. As a concrete is a very good conductor of heat, so it is important to cover it with the insulating material.

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