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How to build a shed door in a proper way: building tips

How to build a shed door with your own hands in a proper way.

How to build shed doorsConstruction of a shed or any other outbuilding in the garden area can not be considered complete without installing the durable and reliable doors. Nowadays you can buy ready-made ones for your garden structures, but they are quite expensive. But the simple shed door is rather easy to be made with your own hands. In case you wonder how to build a shed door, this article may be useful for you.

The perfect choice for the shed door shhow to build a shed doorield are dry-edged pine boards with the thickness of about 25-30 mm. They must be free of cracks, traces of warping and other usual defects of timber. These are often with windows. The cheapest and the simplest option is to make a shed door out of plywood (the life of it is very short).

Two main methods of gluing work

  1. The first method is to apply a wedge clamp which is a simple device consisting of two boards bolted through the pads. The door shield is placed between the boards of the clamp and then compressed by two counter wedges.
  2. The second method is performed when the door shield is tightened with the belts or cords, linking it to the ring. Pull a cord with an auxiliary bar. Shield compression force should not be excessive, otherwise most of the adhesive squeezed out of the joint will not be strong enough.

Stages of work

  • The door to the barn from pine boardsSticks are nailed to the door shield edges, protecting the edges from damage caused by the contraction of the shield cord.
  • A “ring” of durable cord is put over the door shield and it is pulled together for the glue drying period.
  • Mark up the position for horizontal beams of the door frame on the surface of the door shield with the help of any homemade device.
  • The door shield is attached to the horizontal crosspiece with the help of glue and screws. Screws are set alternate. If necessary, drill holes.
  • Mark out the length of the vertical stud, then attach them in the same way as the horizontal crosspiece.
  • Mark out the diagonal and attach the board accurately to the places of future ties. Make sure the ties fit into the doorway!
  • Cut the board exactly to the size of the doorway. A long cut is convenient to carry out with the circular saw with the parallel stop.
  • To trim the board along its height a simple hand hacksaw is quite good too. The main thing here is not to make a mistake during the marking process.
  • Install the door into the doorway, then screw the hinges which were previously screwed to the door frame.
  • Each loop set is fastened with four screws and a bolt with a spherical head. This bolt can not be turned away from the outside.
  • To set the lock mark out the position of the required holes.
  • Drill, then, if necessary, process a hole for the lock mechanism with a chisel.How to build a shed door
  • Insert the outside of the lock mechanism by placing it on a support ring that comes with the lock.
  • On the inside of the door the lock mechanism is fixed with screws. The lock is then screwed.
  • The outer part of the lock is screwed to the board. The lock mechanism must exactly fit the groove of the counterpart of the outer part of the lock.
  • Make a rack groove under the deadbolt lock.
  • While painting the door (you should choose the paint for outdoor works) the loop are alternately folded. Paint the board starting at the top.
  • When the paint is completely dry, install the door handles and other accessories.

In case you wonder how to build double shed doors, you should just repeat the process twice using the “mirror reflection” method.

Equipment you will need:

  • 1-6 loops (including hinged ones)
  • 7-9 various types of locks
  • 10 latches
  • 11 handles

All kinds of devices, accessories, hardware and fasteners must be made of stainless materials in order to be protected against corrosion.

The design of the door board

Barn with double wooden doorThe door shield glued of boards should be reinforced with the frame made of the same boards as the door shield. Marking the frame is not complicated. Do not forget that crosspiece of the door frame must be perpendicular to the boards of the door shield.
To improve the appearance, on the front side of the door shield at the joints of boards create V-shaped fine grooves using a milling machine.

We hope this article helped you to find the necessary information on how to build shed doors.

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