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Why are steel bars used in construction?

Buildings need to be as secure as possible in order for people to use them safely on a daily basis. Structural engineers need to be aware of the types of stresses and forces that the building will be subjected to. These forces can be man-made (as people move around the building or pass by in their cars) or natural (hurricanes, floods and earthquakes).

Photo steel rebar reinforcementSteel bars are also used to reinforce other concrete structures such as canals and pavements. Best Bar supply reinforcement mesh which can be used to strengthen a wide variety of structures.

The construction and engineering industries are constantly looking for ways to fine-tune their methods. One of the most effective ways to strengthen buildings is to encase steel bars in concrete. The bars are arranged in a predetermined pattern in order to give the concrete as much strength as possible. The steel bars can be produced in a variety of different ways in order to achieve different results.

Read this helpful guide which will fully explain why steel bars are used in construction.

Welded Wire Fabric

Welded wire fabric involves steel wires being twisted together to form compact rods of reinforcement mesh. The wires are arranged at right angles and then electrically welded. These bars are used in blocks at ground level where the earth has been compacted.

A heavy-duty version of welded wires can be used to strengthen walls, although this type of iron bar is more commonly used to strengthen road pavements and drainage structures.

Sheet Metal Reinforcing Bars

As the name suggests, these reinforcing bars are made with sheet metal. The bars are bent into corrugated shapes before having holes punched and then being encased in concrete. These bars are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of different structures such as floor slabs, stairs and roofs.

Photo steel bush fire mesh

Stainless Steel Rebars

Stainless steel bars are stronger than using metals such as iron. Stainless steel superseded iron as the material used in reinforcing concrete around the turn of the 20th century. This material does not rust, so it is useful when protecting buildings against the corrosive effects of rain.

Stainless steel bars are expensive, so often building firms will consider using materials which are just as strong but are more cost-effective.

Expanded Metal Or Wire Mesh Bars

Rebar photoExpanded metal bars are created by cutting a sheet of metal into parallel lines, which are then arranged into a diamond or square shape as more cuts are made. Expanded metal is usually used in structures where there is a large amount of plastic. The shape of the expanded metal helps to create a large amount of strength.

Epoxy-Coated Bars

Epoxy-coated rebars are a specialist type which is only used in a few select situations. These bars are used where the structure is going to be in contact with salt-water or other highly corrosive materials. These bars are expensive because of the fact that they are not widely-used.

Hopefully, this article has successfully explained the function of different metal bars in the construction industry.

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