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Save you home – consider carefully how to repair block foundation

Old private homes need not only strengthen, but also the foundation repair. Owners of old homes are guaranteed to face problems such as subsidence and emergence of their foundation. All this can lead to tragic consequences, if you do not intervene in these destructive processes and consider carefully how to repair block foundation.

Main causes of the foundation damage

Crumbling FoundationWhat actions or influences can cause your home basis damage, which would entail the need to repair it? Here are main ones:

  • missteps in the house design;
  • violation of base laying technology;
  • objective changes of soil characteristics (increase in groundwater levels, moisture, soil heave, and so on.);
  • carrying out any excavation works in close area;
  • installation of communication lines;
  • improper use of a building itself;
  • vibrating influences (both external and internal).

Some important rules of the foundation repair

On the other handIn order to make your foundation serving for a long time and qualitatively, you should think very seriously about the procedure of its repairing. Follow several important nuances:

  1. All renovation works should take place in steps. It means you can not move to the opposite side of the house strengthening, if the first wall is still wet with final firming mixture.
  2. A bearing structure must be strengthened to 2.5-3 meters.
  3. It is possible to begin the next base repairing only after full completion of previous section. This rule is very important, because it will avoid further deformation of the house basis.

Key renovation features and recommendations

CrackThe choice of repair technology of the existing basis depends on the overall structure condition, its further possible reconstruction, soil conditions, and the building design features.

First of all, inspect the foundation on which your house stands and the building itself, and determine its type, if you do not know. Each building type requires a certain technology basis reconstruction. So, for example, for renovation of the existing foundation of wooden buildings the easiest way will be the house lifting and performing a complete basis reconstruction. But for stone or brick buildings, this method is not suitable.

The block foundation repair

  1. Repaired crackFirst, you need to perform a number of important preparatory works. Above all, take care about removing all debris, dust and destroyed pieces in the foundation laying. In case of too much destruction, it must be done in sections. It is recommended to begin the base renovation by individual sections with a length of 6 ft.
  2. After you have removed all the debris, you are ready to replace the damaged units. There is no need to immediately remove a lot of blocks, try to do everything as gently as possible in order your actions will not lead to results of even more extensive destructions. Crack damaged in blocks should be necessarily fixed with cement solution. Then you can dig a trench width of 3-6 ft, replace destroyed and deformed blocks in the opening part of the home foundation. Thereafter, you need to make many small notches, which will secure a maximum concrete adhesion. You can begin the renovation work with each side only after the solution is filled in the previous section and is fully harden.
  3. Renovated block FoundationThe technology of block cracks repair is not too difficult. To do this, from every corner of the building dug pits with a small occurrence under a concrete structure. Further, in each of wells make a metal frame with cells measuring 8×8 inches. Ready cages are installed in pits and filled with concrete mix. Such a concrete “cushion” should be left for a few days for the final set.
  4. When cracks are present in the body of blocks themselves, it is better to use the so-called reinforced concrete belt. Along building walls dug a trench width of 15-20 inches. Its depth should be half of the existing foundation. Further, all the working processes are performed in the same way: prepare a frame of reinforcement, install it in a trench and fill up with concrete. If the trench goes too far (33ft or more), strengthening of this wall may be done in two stages (each with the half of trench length).

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