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Refinishing parquet floors correctly

Below you can find some professional tips on how to perform the update of the parquet and the ways of refinishing parquet floors correctly.

Hardwood floor sandingIf you are good at DIY and wish to renovate the interior of the room including returning good condition to your flooring or feel that the color of the flooring is not suitable for an updated room, you may start thinking of refinishing parquet floors in your apartment of house. This will not necessarily change their initial color or cause some damage – if you perform everything correctly, you will turn your parquet coating into an exclusive good-looking flooring. To do this, you must buy special dubbing facilities and comply them with milestones.

For parquet floor refinishing you will need:

  • stain;
  • colored lacquer for wood flooring;
  • special water resistant wax (for creating protective film);
  • oils penetrating deeply into the timber fibers.

The most eco-friendly of these materials are and waxes. Deciding to use colored oils for refinishing parquet hardwood floors that are old enough, go through the following stages:

  • selection;
  • coloring;
  • varnishing.

The design of the room and its general texture plays a significant role. Choosing solution for decorative effect you want to get as god as it gets.

Flooring before and after coating with varnishOil provides the following opportunities:

  • tinted shades for wood noble breeds;
  • consolidation and strengthening of natural wood color (floor covered with two layers of colorless protective oil and hard wax);
  • it gives the coating saturated colors for it to look new.

Be ready for the fact that the final result is not always exactly match the expected shade, It depends on its influence on the particular piece of timber, its properties and the degree of processing. Because as the first probe to paint a small inconspicuous section.


This stage of work consists of:

  1. Tinting flooring with oil;
  2. Covering the parquet with oil without color;
  3. Protecting the flooring with the hard wax.


Grinding process has the following steps:

  1. removing old varnish;
  2. processing new coverage if it had not been polished in the manufacturing process;
  3. updating the old floors, if their surface is completely or partially damaged;
  4. peeling the flooring if it has lost its former color;
  5. elimination of obvious defects (roughness, scratches, dents, etc).

IT’S IMPORTANT! Before grinding, check the moisture level inside the timber: the small area of the flooring is covered with a small piece of cellophane with adhesive tape and then is left overnight. If in the morning condensate does not appear, the parquet floor does not require additional preparation prior to polishing (this procedure is performed using a special grinding machine).


Eliminate scratches on the floorThe content of cans with tinting is necessary to be mixed very carefully and then put on a clean and dry floor surface with a roller or a brush. It is best to apply the oil in the direction of the wood grain. Control the layer constantly: it must be very smooth. After painting the entire flooring, leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. To achieve greater color intensity, a second layer may be applied straight to oil.

Final stage

After drying the colored oil comes crowning stage. Nailing the floor covered with tinted oil is not preferable. The most suitable option is transparent of oil and natural hard wax to protect the timber from moisture and wood-loving insects. It is applied just like the coloring oil, in the direction of the wood fibers. Within 30 minutes you can correct all the inaccuracies in the paint, after which the layer must be dried naturally for 8-12 hours.

If you need to re-applying the finishing coat, then it will need at least 12 hours to dry completely. Walking on the flooring is allowed the next day, but the full strength of the coating will appear in 10-14 days. If you want to lay decorative carpet on the flooring, then do 4 weeks later.

Care tips

Parquet floor refinishingTo save the “novelty” in the external form of parquet and its elegant look, keep it clean: just perform regular dry and wet cleaning. To protect the paint from scratching caused by furniture legs, you may use special taps that are attached to every leg of tables, chairs and other furniture. Special tool for the care of parquet can be used once a season.

The process of updating the parquet is not so complicated, but it is important to decide what effect you want to achieve. Just follow the techniques mentioned above. The parquet flooring is always trendy, but if looks exclusive and expensive even if it is cared properly.

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