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Marmoleum VS Linoleum

People often wonder what is the difference between the classical linoleum and 100 % natural linoleum (marmoleum) without knowing what is better. This article will provide you Marmoleum VS Linoleum comparison.

Marmoleum is a relative novelty in the market of finishing materials. The technology is becoming increasingly popular and enables designers to reveal the breadth of their artistic views on interior design. Let’s consider in details what is marmoleum.

“The new beast”

Marmoleum vs LinoleumMarmoleum is a new floor covering which is made of cork, jute and resin produced from natural vegetable oils. This type of floor covering impresses with its variety of colors – primary colors of a hundred and two thousand different shades allow to realize any practical ideas on interior design and represent any taste of the homeowner. Moreover, the growth rate of marmoleum popularity may soon leave its main competitors behind (Marmoleum VS Linoleum, Marmoleum VS Vinyl, Marmoleum VS Laminate). Some are too afraid of the new, nevertheless. People may think that there is no difference between the coatings and that the manufacturers just want to get more money from our pockets.

So what are the main advantages of marmoleum that let it surpass even such widely used, low-cost and practical flooring as linoleum?

1. Eco-friendliness

The first advantage is the material marmoleum is made of. As it was mentioned above, it is made from natural ingredients, which means that it does not emit any harmful substances or allergens, that it is completely safe for human health and animals. Moreover, bactericidal properties possessed by marmoleum are in the presence of natural ingredients capable of combating harmful organisms in its composition – this allow its use in medical centers and care institutions. Linoleum can not boast having such properties – it is not eco-friendly and it smells.

So, 1:0.

2. Strength

Green MarmoleumThe second factor revealing another definite plus being compared to the linoleum – marmoleum has great strength and resistance to chemical reagents – various acids and solvents. Marmoleum can withstand very high loads and does not require any maintenance. Maximum weight of loads is 350 lb per square centimeter! Moreover, traces from heavy objects do not remain on marmoleum.

So, 2:0.

3. Service life

The third advantage is that marmoleum pattern forms the entire thickness of the floor covering which ensures its long existence. The pattern will not be erased over the time and will not burn out under direct sunlight – we know that it all happen to linoleum.

So, 3:0.

4. Easy in use

Huge selection of linoleumMarmoleum is very easy to be laid. Unlike linoleum, it is produced in the form of tiles which can be glued to any prepared surface. This wide range of colors allows you to compose whatever you like – this allows to realize almost any design decisions. The process of gluing marmoleum is extremely easy. It is only necessary to put the adhesive or mastic on the back surface and press it towards the floor. This is the most loud win – it beats linoleum completely in this aspect.

So, 4:0.

5. Fragility

Marmoleum has high rigidity and fragility – always check up the integrity of the tiles while buying – they can be damaged during transportation.

So, 4:1.

The undeniable advantages of marmoleum compared to other floor coverings make homeowners happy to use it.

So, the total score is 4:1 – Marmoleum wins.

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