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Wallpapering corners and around them with your own hands

How to wallpaper corners of the walls in your apartment or house for the finished work to look perfect – pro tips.

Sticking Wallpaper to the cornerWallpapering smooth walls is rarely problematic, but wallpapering corners is somewhat different. This procedure causes some difficulties itself, moreover, perfectly smooth corners almost rarely occur. Here are some tips of wallpapering corners in a proper way.

There are two types of corners in the living space:

  • Inner corners (commonly there are 4 of them in every room
  • Outer corners (rooms with complex design may have some)

Below there are recommendations what to do for the corners not to look “wrinkled”, especially when you deal with patterned paper.

Wallpapering inner corners

How to hang Wallpaper on a cornerThis procedure is usually performed not less than four times for every room. On one of the two adjacent walls the wallpaper should be pasted, so that it covers the other one for about 1 inch. With a special sponge the corner is firmly pressed. Too rough corners are not recommended to be wallpapered immediately. It is better to pre-treat them using special putty to make them a little smoother.

After that you may start wallpapering the another adjacent wall. To do this you will need a ruler. Using it, you must define the place far from the corner edge of the wallpaper location, so that it whip for about an inch to the already glued wallpaper sheet. Do not forget to check the plumb line, previously defining for sticking wallpapers far from the corner edge. After preparing the layout the wallpaper is pasted on the wall. Be sure to press it down constantly with a sponge.

Now you need a level, a ruler and a very sharp knife. Close to the corner, cut the two layers of wallpaper at once. The strip of top sheet will fall down. To remove the excess it’s necessary to slightly loosen the top. After that, turn its back edge and put a little glue and cloth, then press it tightly to the wall. No matter what glue you use. The joint should look very accurate.

This method of wallpapering the inner corners is successfully used for the work with any subtle wallpaper, as well as for the work with expensive, heavy materials.

Wallpapering outer corners

Sticking Wallpaper in the corner with a slouchy fitOuter corners are found in many rooms with special architecture or designs. For example, slopes around the windows. If they are equal, then wallpapering around them is not difficult – just wrap the wallpaper sheet and your work is done. In this case, it is the most viable option. But what if the slopes do not have the desired level? In this situation you can not avoid some overlapping, although, quite small one.

On one of the two adjacent walls with the outer corner between them, the wallpaper should be pasted, so that it covers the other one for about 1 inch. The wrapped edge should be tightly pressed, for it to go completely smooth. To do this, someHow to glue the Wallpaper in the cornertimes you maybe will have to make a few cuts on the wallpaper sheet with a very sharp knife. Then cut the rolled edge vertically. Only a super thin edge around the corner must stay, so that it will not be visible through the glued wallpaper for the second adjusted wall.

Before gluing the second wallpaper sheet, use a level and a ruler – the line should be defined bonding far from the corner edge. Width of the wallpaper strip that you want to paste should be approximately 5 mm greater than the distance from the edge to the line drawn for the first wallpaper sheet. You should have very small overlaps. If wallpaper is thick enough, for example, vinyl wallpaper, then for the corners it is recommended to use a special transparent glue.

We hope this article helped you to get proper information on wallpapering around corners during the finishing work with room niches, inner and outer corners of the rooms, window slopes.

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