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How to repair vinyl flooring

How to repair vinyl flooring with your own hands in case it has some minor defects – discussing the most popular methods and tips from professionals.

How to repair vinyl flooringWe all know that the best way not to have defects on anything is to prevent them. But, for those who wonder how to repair vinyl flooring in case it has some small outside defects (not inside ones – bubbles, etc.), this article provides the most popular and effective methods and tips.


For relatively large scratches and small holes (for example, caused by a high heel) use special putty containing silicone resin, wax and dyes. It is best to use putty-melt. Before its application the composition must be heated to the desired temperature (as per manufacturer’s instructions), and then perform the following recovery steps:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface from dust and dirt. If necessary, degrease it with “white spirit”.
  • Put a protective layer of the adhesive tape around the molar scratches.
  • Distributed the preheat putty evenly onto the damage zone. After the filling of the entire scratch use a spatula to align the surface.

Wax pencils

Partial repair vinyl floorIf the scratches have small depth, use a wax pencil. It can be used without pretreatment. It is important to choose the right color matching the color of the flooring. To do this, take a sample of your flooring with you before purchasing a pencil.

The technology has the following steps:

  • First, the surface is cleaned with a damp cloth. Once the moisture was evaporated, you can begin to repair the defected area.
  • Slightly pushing the pencil, paint over the defect site. It is important to ensure that the wax fills the volume of the fracture.
  • Then use the cloth to remove the excess repair mixture. After 1-2 hours you can safely walk on the flooring.

Wax solutions

For deeper defects use another type of wax repair kits. Their difference is that the composition must be preheated and then poured into the gap (or defected seals of vinyl flooring). You can use a simple iron to preheat it. This technology is much more efficient.


Independent restoration vinyl flooringOne of the most effective ways to preserve the appearance of the decorative surface is the use of specific products – polishes. These are liquid formulations with a relatively high coefficient of viscosity, which include waxes, silicone additives, and other composite. Polishes affects the surface of the flooring, giving it the aesthetic and protective properties.

The main advantages of polishes are:

  1. They improve the natural shine of vinyl. This eliminates minor abrasions and cracks.
  2. They create an additional protective layer, which not only reduces the likelihood of scratching, but also improves the moisture barrier for the vinyl modules.

The puttying of defects vinylThe instructions on the packages should be read carefully before using such compositions. Typically, wax is a concentrate which must be diluted with warm water. Then, the resulting liquid is used as a cleanser. It is recommended to use a mop with a soft sponge or special household wipes.

IMPORTANT! After thorough rubbing on the surface it should have no water on it – not a drop of it!

To predict the appearance of defects on the vinyl flooring in advance is impossible. Therefore, some “emergency” tools should be stored in your construction closet in advance. It is best to have a wax pencil to remove small scratches and repair paste. Their service life is quite long – 3-4 years. If you have them, you will not need to think how to remove scratches from your flooring in case of sudden appearing of them – the repair can be performed very quickly. We hope this article provided you the useful information on how to fix vinyl flooring’s minor defects.

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