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5 most dangerous construction mistakes

So let’s start!

1. Bad marking

Any construction begins with the markup. Unfortunately, not all projects are previously described in detail. Before you start, you need to carefully study the drawings and understand exactly what the dimensions are specified as basic. A mistake made on this stage, not only will change the size of the future house, but may also destroy the whole process of further development – and very much money from your pocket.

2. Heterogeneous foundation

The house collapsedOne of the main requirements to the house foundation – it should be homogeneous. Unfortunately, the widespread strip foundation “powered with bars” may leave you without dwelling or kill you in the night under the ruins of your fallen house. The bars under the tape do not work, which leads to the destruction of the foundation.

3. Ignoring waterproofing

Quite often, insufficient attention is paid to waterproofing the house that is needed for protecting the house from the cold ground, melt and rain water. The dampness in the house can not only cause discomfort to the dwellers, but also contribute to the rapid destruction of the walls: the wet bricks crumble during freezing, bugs breed in moistened wood, etc. To protect the house from the ground water one should pave the proper waterproofing between the foundation and the socket and between the socket and the wall.

4. Flues arrangement mistakes

A huge crack in the wallHeating appliances – stoves and boilers – are heated at the furnace, so the need to isolate them from the combustible construction elements of the house is obvious. But if you deal with brick chimneys, they are slightly warm every time, so, when they are placed too close to flammable house structures arranged without proper insulation, it can lead to fire. Moreover, it should be remembered, that soot constantly accumulates in chimneys, which can burst into fire in one day. The tube of the chimney is strongly heated, particularly if it has micro-cracks. Overheating can cause the fire in the house elements (for example, curtains) located too close to it in a home design. Of course, the possibility of such events is not too strong, but the consequences are very heavy: when a fire brigade arrives, at least one house is burnt completely.

5. Roofing mistakes

Photo of a fallen houseThere are two common mistakes during the construction of the roof. First one is a width greater than 2,5 ft, which leads to the roof “rumbling” which may crazy not only the dwellers, but also their neighbors. The second mistake is in the fact that some eccentric roofers put roofing material on the wooden crate. This lining ensures the accumulation of too much condensation, which leads to the corrosion and rotting processes. The best option for the installation of the roof is installing directly onto the crate (as well as creating the well-ventilated attic).

We all know that preventing is better than fixing. Remember about this cruel construction mistakes!

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