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How to paint a garage door with limited skills?

You need to know how to paint a garage in two cases: to create the aesthetic appearance and protect the metal from corrosion.

Although the garage is not the living place, it still should look neat. Painting the iron gates of the garage is necessary not only for the beauty of its appearance, but also in order to provide protection against metal corrosion and prolong its service life. So having an idea how to paint a garage door, you may help to save the family budget and will provide an opportunity to spend money on other needs.

Tools and materials for preparing

How to paint a garage doorBefore starting work, prepare the tools and materials that may be:

  • anticorrosive and moisture resistant paint for metal;
  • primer, solvent;
  • liquid soap;
  • staircase;
  • roller or spray gun for paint;
  • garden hose.

Choosing paint

A metal garage without proper protective coating will rust quickly and become worthless. It is, of course, very individual matter to choose, but this choice depends on the garage door type and preferred long-lasting period.

Types of paints, which are mostly used:

  • Paint the garage door with sprayNitro. It dries quite quickly, but can shell a lot, which leads to the appearance of rust in problem areas.
  • Oil. It covers the surface with a thick layer, but dries very long, so dust dries together with the paint.
  • Acrylic. After painting a garage door, it requires care and constant supervision. If delamination occurs, you must immediately apply measures to avoid corrosion.
  • Alkyd enamel. The versatility, stability, elasticity, durability, and the choice of a variety of colors are the main features of this paint. It has a high weathering resistance and it protects the metal from corrosion. These features suggest it as almost ideal for painting the gate.
  • Silicone enamel. It can withstand any temperature changes and humidity, and can a good protection against metal corrosion. Another significant advantage is a small amount of material for painting, thus saving money.

It is better to apply a few coats of paint on garage doors to protect from external influences. What color to paint garage door? There is not the best color to paint garage. This is the matter of preference.

Preparing for painting

The surface preparation involves the following steps:

  1. Cleaning the surface. If the gate has a layer of old paint, it needs to be cleaned. Make it with a wire brush, building dryer or grinder with a special grinding attachment.
  2. If you decide not to use mechanical surface treatment, and use a special washing, then proceed with extreme caution not to poison yourself, since its pairs are very toxic. This phase of work is very important, because if you miss it, then later the paint under the influence of precipitation and temperature changes will begin to flake off, and you need to repaint garage door.
  3. To maximize coupling with the surface, it needs to be sanded with fine sandpaper.
  4. Degreasing the surface. After cleaning the surface from the old paint, you should degrease it. During processing, it is important to capture the entire surface, including hard for reaching areas. The final result depends on how well you do this.
  5. Primer application. The next step is applying on the gate three thin coats of pThe gate is primed before paintingrimer, intended for metal surfaces. After application of each layer, wait for a while to allow it to dry. Due to this action, the coupling of surface with paint will be much better. The primer is necessary not to tone the surface, but to make better the paint adhere to the metal. Thanks to primer, the enamel layer becomes smooth and even acquires a finished look.
  6. Cleaning from dust and dirt. Sometimes, before painting the garage door need to be washed and cleaned from dust and other contaminants. To do this, use a garden hose, a rough sponge and detergent.

Tools for painting

The painting process can be performed by brush, roller or spray gun. All these methods have their pros and cons:

  • Brush. This is the easiest and most affordable tool. A significant drawback is that the traces may remain after brush painting. The advantage is considered the opportunity to get to places hard for reaching.
  • Roller. It provides paint distribution and makes strokes invisible, but many places for roller are unavailable. Often the method is practiced, in which both brush and roller are used. In this case, the painting turns out better.
  • Spray gun. This method is good for those who know how to use it. It is very important to choose the viscosity of paint, necessary air pressure and to be familiar with the gun control, as well as apply paint without sagging. So if you have absolutely no skills of such work, just use a brush or roller.

How to paint a garage door:

  1. Prepare metal garage door for paintingIt is better to start the painting process from the top, slowly moving down; it is necessary to avoid stains;
  2. During the process, try to make parallel layers overlap each other, thanks to this the enamel color after drying will be monotonous, without abrupt transitions;
  3. When the entire surface is dyed, step back and look at the work as a whole peace. If you notice some missed small sections then remove them with a brush and paint;
  4. Pay special attention to hard for reaching places, corners and edges, for their staining use a contour brush.

Important: perform all these processes only at temperatures from +50 to +68 F degrees. Failure to comply with temperature control may bring problems with the paint dry:

  • streaks,
  • swelling,
  • uneven color.

After understanding can you paint a garage door, it becomes clear that it is not a complicated deal, and anyone who has the desire, capable of dealing with it.

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