How to paint galvanized metal

How to paint galvanized metal?In modern construction galvanized sheets of paper become more and more popular. It is a very reliable material – it is easy in use, and installation in the construction of various structures, it has resistance to weathering and durability. This choice is truly common in the private and civil construction nowadays. So, more and more customers and house owners want to prolong the life of this material. To achieve this you should perform a simple step – to paint it with special compositions. So, how to paint galvanized metal in a proper way?

The paint must provide:

  • increasing the strength parameters of the product;
  • improving the product’s aesthetic appearance;
  • protection from sudden changes in temperature (it is proved that the correct coloring on galvanized sheet does not change its positive characteristics at temperatures from – 120 - + 300 ?);
  • increasing the service life of the material.

According to experts, painting of galvanized sheet with high quality paints manufactured by well-known brands gives a guarantee for increasing the service life of this product for 10-30 years.

Option #1 - powder paints

They are used for coating the entire surface of galvanized structures (for example, the roof of an apartment house or an administrative building). Such paints include fine particles of polymer powder, hardeners, pigments, and various specialty resins. They provide a maximum strength and a high level of adhesion.

Galvanized steel sheet before paintingBenefits:

  • safety application (fire safety, the lack of any kind of allergies and irritations for a man who works with such compositions);
  • excellent resistance to weather events and UV radiation;
  • unique mechanical properties, such as flexibility and hardness;
  • providing the perfect thickness of the coating in a single application layer;
  • stability to chemicals (for example, petroleum products, some solvents with organic structure, most of the known acids and alkalis).

In addition, powder coatings do not require use of the additional solvents – they are completely implemented and ready for use just after buying.

Option #2 - alkyd enamels

For some indicators they are comparable powdered paints. In particular, they have similar surface, they resist changes in temperature during the day and different seasons without changing their properties, they are sufficiently stable to UV rays. The only uncomfortable moment – the painting should be carried out on perfectly clean and dry surface ONLY!

Other options

It is also allowed to use other kinds of paints. They should ensure the following qualities:

  • Paint roof: galvanized metalthe ability to exploit the structure of the buildings is galvanized at high temperatures (during the heat of summer) and winter when the cold tangible;
  • stability and strength to the service conditions, which are known as adverse (to those already mentioned, including temperature changes, UV radiation, etc.);
  • the aesthetic appearance of the coating - unattractive stains and streaks will not appear after the first rain;
  • security while application and other operations with the paint (high flammability, emission of harmful toxins elements are not allowed);
  • a high level of corrosion protection.

How to paint over galvanized metal: the procedures

There are the following methods of painting galvanized sheet:

  • air painting;
  • airless painting;
  • combined type.

Apply paint on galvanized corrugated sheetAir method involves the use of a special pneumatic spray gun which uses compressed air for its work. If you correctly pick the speed of ink supply, the shape of the spray plume, the ratio of air flow rate and the composition of the coloring, you can achieve a perfect surface. In addition, air method is considered as very economical and environmentally friendly. Nowadays there is a variety of spray guns for paint – choose the one you like.

Airless technique may be even more favorable - minimum consumption of material, the coefficient of performance is high enough, the paint is applied to the surface evenly thanks to the actions of the painter’s hands. But this option is only suitable for the construction of a flat type. If it is necessary to paint a complex surface, it is better to resort to the combined procedure, carried out under high pressure. This type fits better for the structures that have some peculiarities in the design, sharp angles, etc.

We hope this article helped you to get proper information on the useful information on how to paint galvanized sheet of metal.

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