Where to start wallpapering

Many of those who decided to perform wallpapering with their own hands face the serious questions – how to start wallpapering at all? where to start wallpapering in a room? This article contains detailed information on this issue. First of all, you need to choose the type of wallpaper, to calculate the desired number pf the sheets and get some glue. Calculating the number of rolls and the glue should always be rounded upwards, especially when you choose patterned wallpaper (consumption may increase by 20%).

Wallpapering in a cornerYou will need:

  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • a brush;
  • a pen;
  • a spatula;
  • measure tape;
  • a roller;
  • a plumb.

Rules of wallpapering

Combinations of the two types of WallpaperNo matter where the work is carried out - in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the hall - you will need to fulfill a number of conditions. Before starting your work, you need to prepare the room, covering all the furniture that you don’t plan to take away with the film. The walls should be cleaned of all the old coatings and primed. If the old finishing was not removed completely, it can ruin your future work.

Before you cut the first sheet of wallpaper, it is necessary to measure the desired height. The process can be performed as a measurement using measure tape and the wallpaper itself. Better do it with an assistant – it’s too uncomfortable to be performed alone.

Glue the cut sheet paying particular attention to the edges, and then leave the fabric for impregnation. In some cases the wall surface is covered with glue as well. Don’t leave the wallpaper sheets covered with glue for too long - otherwise it will become be unsuitable for the future job.

When applying the wallpaper sheet to the wall, the bottom edge bends to avoid dragging it across the floor, and then it’s transferred and bonded to the wall. Then smooth the wallpaper with a brush, with light movements, diagonally. All the excess adhesive and air bubbles are constantly removed – waiting for even 10 seconds can be cruel for the future finishing.

Where do you start?

Before the process you need to decide where to start wallpapering. Choosing a method is generally based on the type of lighting. Until a few decades ago the most popular method was “from the window”. But times have changed. Today, in everyday life there are different ways of wallpapering. For example, for vinyl wallpaper the old traditional method “from the window” is absolutely contraindicated.

The most popular ways of starting wallpapering

  1. Bred a special glue for WallpaperFrom the door

Vertical wallpapering should be performed super vertical, so the work begins at any suitable vertical point – and the door jamb is a perfect choice. The very first sheet should be stuck strictly vertical, using a plumb. Then, the wallpapering process continues sequentially in the selected direction.

  1. From the angle

This method is suitable only in case the room corners are perfectly aligned. But if they are – it’s hard to find better method of wallpapering than this one.

  1. From major landmark

If the room has a lot of passages and windows, the process of wallpapering is really better to start from the biggest landmark. For example, near the very big passage.Sticking Wallpaper with your hands

  1. From several lines

This method is used when a large window is provided indoors and wallpapering should be performed at different sides of it. For the joints to be less visible, it is better to do them over the windows and the doors.

How to keep rough corners vertical

Experts suggest one effective method – while wallpapering each of the two adjusted walls use a brand new vertical line. In this case, the last sheet on each of the walls will overlap the another one for about an inch.

We hope this article helped you to get proper information on where to start wallpapering in a room of your apartment or country house while performing finishing works with your own hands.

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