How to remove wallpaper with vinegar with your own hands

Spray the old Wallpaper with vinegarUsing wallpaper is always a great idea to reconstruct the apartment, which is gradually gaining popularity. You may probably think about using the new wallpaper in your apartment or house, but first you must get rid of the old wallpaper on the walls. We all know that it’s quite an unpleasant process that requires a lot of effort and time. The good news is that there are some smart ways of removing the old wallpaper. This article will present you a new lifehack – how to remove wallpaper with vinegar.

You will need:

  • water
  • vinegar
  • a plastic sprayer
  • a stripping knife

Removing wallpaper with vinegar

To begin this process, you must first prepare the walls by spraying old wallpaper with water mixed with and let it soak into the paper for some time. Once the water has had enough time to loosen the glue, you can start scraping the edges of the old wallpaper using a stripping knife (or a wide spatula, if you prefer this tool). This tool will not damage your wall, but will be quite comfortable while using it. You must make sure that you start fro, the bottom of the wall; then work from the bottom up. Also, make sure that you wipe up any drips on the floor immediately if they appear.

Pre-treated remove the Wallpaper from the wallIf you find that the first attempt did not work completely for removing the old wallpaper, there is the second stronger technique that you can try. If you still find some sections of the old wallpaper clinging to the adhesives, you have to loosen the paper using more vinegar. This is one of the most evvective ways you can use while trying to remove the old wallpaper completely – we all know that leaving the pieces of the old one on the walls may destroy all your finishing work with the new wallpaper in one hour or so! Using vinegar is very effective in destroying the old wallpaper glue that seems stuck to death to your walls. The elements contained in vinegar will actually dissolve the adhesive and, consequently, will make the process of removing wallpaper easy.

We hope this article helped you to get proper information on such a useful lifehack as removing wallpaper with vinegar.

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