How to remove wallpaper from plastered walls with your own hands

Remove the vinyl Wallpaper using a damp cushionRemoving wallpaper from plasterboard may become quite an unpleasant process. But there are some tips which can do your work much easier. Here are some of the most useful pieces of advice on how to remove wallpaper from plastered walls with your own hands.

Before you start! You will be working with wet compositions and water, so, in order to comply work with safety, you should de-energize the electrical wiring in the working area. This will prevent the possibility of short-circuits and eliminate the possibility of accidents.

You will need:

  • a ladder
  • a sponge
  • a tool you prefer for removing wallpaper
  • steel trowel
  • a long roller nap

A way of removing wallpaper from plastered walls depends on the wallpaper type.

Removing paper wallpapers

Removing old wallpaper with a spatula?Paper finishing materials are usually applied on plastered walls in several layers. To remove such a multi-layered “wallpaper cake” will take a lot of your time and patience. Modern wallpaper is usually removed without too much difficulties - a thin layer of purl paper that remains of it may not be removed - new materials will be glued straight onto it without the loss of the quality of the new finishing, especially if the walls are flat and do not need to be repaired. To remove modern good quality two-layered wallpaper simply hook the strip edge with a spatula and gently pull the panel - it is usually completely removed from the wall. Unfortunately, such materials do not occur very often – sometimes we deal with cheaper ones. After pre-wetting paper wallpaper is usually removed without too many difficulties. But if they are glued in several layers, you will need to act very accurately for large chunks of plaster not to crack! The restoration work will require additional time and, of course, some extra cash!

The order of works

  1. Pre-moistened wallpaper using a garden sprayer or a sponge, after complete water absorption the procedure may be repeated. 20 minutes later the paper will be easily separated from the wall. In case of any obvious problems, you can moisten the surface one more time.
  2. To avoid too much moisture while working with water, you can use hot water. If the cleaning of some parts of the walls will need using a scraper, then you will need to try not to damage plaster – the result is in your hands only.
  3. If you plan to hang the wall again the same material, they have to clean up the surface of plaster.

IT’S IMPORTANT! Pay particular attention to locations near the switches and sockets. To start the work, you can just turn off the power in the house.

Pro tipsWallpaper removed special spray

  • Do not risk leaving pieces of “old school” paper wallpaper on the plastered walls, even if they are super stuck. The old clay, which includes water, can soak into the new finishing starting to bubble it - the new wallpaper can be compressed or can start to curl or keep up the walls.
  • Washing the walls is not required. If the wallpaper was removed with difficulty and had to be scraped off the surface of the wall, it should be treated with emery or pumice stone. Otherwise, the wall will remain tiny grains of old wallpaper.

Removing washable wallpaper

Any washable coating is usually made of moisture-resistant material. Naturally, the method of removing paper wallpaper is absolutely wrong for removing washable wallpaper. But if the surface of the washable coating is pre-treated with toothed roller or a scraper, the water will get inside and after some time it will be easy to remove the washable wallpaper.

If washable wallpaper is removed too badly, you can use a steam stripper to save the day. You’ll have to press the sole of steam to all problem areas. If you don’t have any steam machine - it can be replaced by conventional steam irons.

Removing vinyl wallpaper

Remove old Wallpaper with a grinding machineVinyl wallpaper coating is usually consist of two layers – that’s why many people face serious difficulties while removing it. The lower layer is covered with tissue paper or polyvinyl, applied to its surface or embossed pattern. The removal should be performed in the following order. First, it is necessary to disrupt the film layer, then moisten the paper substrate heavily. To remove the old vinyl wallpaper, you can use a special solution that significantly reduces the complexity and the time of the works. Before their application you need to read the instructions on the package and learn the precautions for working with any particular solution.

The most important procedure to be performed after the removal of the old coating is testing the strength of plaster left on the wall. All suspicious areas should be deleted, and then you have to re-align your wall.

We hope this article helped you to get all the necessary information on how to remove wallpaper from plastered walls in in the fastest way.

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