How to remove wallpaper with fabric softener with your own hands

Remove the old Wallpaper yourselfDuring the finishing works included in your repairing process you may face serious difficulties removing old wallpaper. For the wall to look perfectly and have no flaws, the old wallpaper must be completely removed from the working surface – all the pieces of the old decorative finish. This work requires time and patience. In order not to waste time, strengths and nerves, many people prefer to leave everything that was too hard to remove on the walls and the glue new wallpaper over it. For the new wallpaper to be glued evenly and smoothly, you need remove the old finishing in a very thorough way. The most common way of simplifying this process includes using water, rarely – steam machines. But the second variant is not available to everybody, while the first one is available to every person every minute. In this article you will learn how to remove wallpaper with fabric softener. Not so many people may guess that removing wallpaper with fabric softener is quite a useful lifehack!

There are several reasons why you must remove the old wallpaper completely:

  • After pasting on the walls the new wallpaper you may get visible irregularities, especially if the preceding wallpaper was rather textured one
  • The new wallpaper may peel due to disintegration and detachment of the old one
  • The last, but not the least – you should do it for your health! Not so many people know that the development of bacteria and mold on the wall which is often not visible because of the decorative trim. Removing the old wallpaper allows to clean and treat the surface of the wall with antifungal drugs

You will needClean the walls from the preprocessed Wallpaper

  • fabric softener
  • a wide spatula
  • warm or hot water
  • a roller
  • polyethylene film
  • masking tape
  • a knife
  • a roller
  • a respirator

Removing wallpaper with fabric softenerBefore you begin removing the old wallpaper from the walls, you need to cover the furniture with polyethylene film using masking tape to fix it to the floor. The film will protect the furniture from dirt. You can also cover any areas of the floor you like. All sockets and switches have to be de-energized and covered with masking tape. Paper wallcovering is the most difficult one to be removed as its removal requires more time and diligence in comparison with the other species of finishings. The difficulty is that it tears too easy. Moreover, if the repair is carried out in an old private house or a summer cottage, under the old wallpaper you can surprisingly meet a few more layers of different old finishings – this may become a terrible headache! There is also an unpleasant possibility that the walls appear to be covered with glued newspapers – they have often been used as a base be the “old school” house owners or old people.

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Removing wallpaper with fabric softener

The wetting of the Wallpaper before removingThe order of works should be as follows:

  • Add fabric softener to water for soaking wallpaper
  • The resulting solution is applied to the wall surface using conventional rollers or sponges
  • Wallpaper need to soak completely, so before you proceed with the removal, you will need to wait for about 20-30 minutes
  • After the wallpaper soaks well, it will become very flaky
  • Using a spatula, the old wallpaper is separated from the wall
  • Those places that are soaked badly need to be treated with a fabric softener solution one more time – be patient! The remaining pieces of the wallpaper (which are not peeled off) need to treated again. Perhaps, they will need to be treated for 3-4 times for you to thoroughly clean the walls

We hope this article ensured you that you can easily use water and fabric softener to remove wallpaper.

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