How to remove painted wallpaper from the walls

Removing painted wallpaper is quite difficult. In order for everything to be done perfectly, you need to prepare the surface before painting the walls: to remove the old finish completely, to remove the cracks using putty, to primer walls. Even the best quality non-woven painted wallpaper may be torn while removing, even without much efforts - the process of their removal in this case seem real flour. Here are some tips from pros how to remove painted wallpaper.

How to remove wallpaper that has been painted over?

Be ready that this process will take a lot of time and effort. But there are some ways to simplify your work.

You will need:Removing Painted Wallpaper using a steamer

  • a basin of warm water to which detergent is added
  • a foam rubber sponge or a roller
  • a metal scraper - which will be one of the most important elements – or a spatula
  • a ladder
  • polyethylene film
  • masking tape
  • chemicals designed specifically for the removal of decorative materials
  • a big knife

A diagram of the removal of painted WallpaperThe #1 rule in this process – not being in a hurry. You really should practice a little bit of Buddhism, indeed! Doing this should always be a very special process, starting from the top and gradually falling down. To do this, you should first hook the upper edge of the finishing materials above, then pull it down very slowly, without abrupt movements using a spatula or any other similar tool you like to be used to remove the wallpaper in the places where they are separate with difficulties. Take your time and do some small researches, working out what places are to be treated with more care all the time. If the process is not very smooth, it requires additional moisture to soften the old wallpaper glue.

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The work must be performed in the following order:The easiest way to remove old Wallpaper

  1. First of all, you will need to worry about the safe performance of work. Do not forget that walls always have electrical outlets or switches, but your future removing work may require the participation of water. So, you will need to turn off the electricity in the switchboard and use masking tape to seal sockets and switches. Refresh your memories on the safety while working with electricity! Your life is in your hands!
  2. It is necessary to prepare the workplace. For this purpose, the Wallpaper removal using a special devicefloor is covered with plastic film glued to the baseboard on one side (which will be the removed wallpaper) or to the floor on the other side.
  3. Now, use warm water and detergent, soak the sponge and wet the old finish, then wait for about 15 minutes, then again moisten the wallpaper (3 times may be even better!). But it is not necessary to wet a very large area at ones, because the wallpaper will dry quickly. Afterwards, use a scraper or a knife for careful removing.
  4. After the swelling, vinyl and paper wallpapers should be cleaned off with a spatula. During the process you can also use a special “washer” for wallpaper – it will destroy the structure of the adhesive solution, and after its removal the removing of the wallpaper will not make much effort.

How to remove painted wallpaper from the plasterboard?

If drywall was not primed, the removing may be problematic - the wallpaper will strip off the top layer of drywall. So, it is not recommended to moisten the wallpaper in this case - plasterboard is afraid of water. If the wallpaper must be removed anyway, you will have to putty the plasterboard or to glue the new wallpaper straight to the old one.

We hope this article helped you to get all the necessary information on how to remove paintable wallpaper from the walls in your apartment or a house with your own hands properly. 

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