The best paints for wood floors

The modern market of finishing materials provides tons of options nowadays – let’s consider the best paints for wood floors.

The best flooring for bathroom

What is the best flooring for bathroom? Which material to give preference to? Such questions are given by owners of apartments and houses, who have started a repair in the bathroom.

How to clean rubber flooring

How to clean rubber flooring by hand using special semi-professional tools – discussing the simple cleaning and the deep one.

How to sand hardwood floors

How to sand hardwood floors for it to serve you decades and decades and discuss the proper working methods.

Patching hardwood floors properly

Patching hardwood floors is a process that is not hard to perform with your own hands in case of knowing the technology tips and tricks.

How to install engineered hardwood flooring

Many people think that engineered hardwood flooring is impossible to install with your own hands – let’s ruin the myth talking on how to install engineered hardwood flooring yourself.

How to refinish hardwood floors

After hardwood floor installation, the new surface needs for a special refinishing. But not everyone knows how to refinish hardwood floors by yourself correctly.

Refinishing old cork floors

Refinishing old cork floors is not a very simple operation, so you need to know some professional tricks to perform it properly.

How to clean cork floors

After cork floor covering installation, you need to understand that to preserve a beauty for many years you need taking into account how to clean cork floors.

Cork flooring: pros and cons

Cork flooring is luxury and has many advantages, but every coin has two sides – let’s talk on cork flooring pros and cons.

Marmoleum VS Linoleum

Marmoleum VS Linoleum Battle: getting to know what flooring is better and what properties of each of them will help you to make your choice.

Bamboo flooring vs. laminate

The floor covering is one of the most important components of any room. Let’s find out what is better: bamboo flooring vs. laminate.

Bamboo flooring problems

The parquet made of bamboo is at the peak of popularity today. However, even such a seemingly perfect material can create certain bamboo flooring problems.

How is bamboo flooring made?

Bamboo flooring becomes more and more popular nowadays, so this article is for those who have the ‘How is bamboo flooring made?’ question.

How to install bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring becomes more and more popular every year – it’s time to learn how to install bamboo flooring with your own hands in a proper way.

Bamboo flooring VS Hardwood

Nowadays bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring are choices of really smart homeowners – let’s look at the Bamboo flooring VS Hardwood Battle.

Bamboo flooring: pros and cons

Here we talk about very popular expensive flooring trying to consider bamboo flooring pros and cons with detailed describing its main characteristics.


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